Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving will be a festive day, the house is being prepared already. As for Christmas I haven't taken time to figure out how many days til Christmas, (duh how duh am I)? Don't answer that , okay...., We do know Christmas is about celebrating Christ's birth which we like to celebrate everyday of our lives and hope to somehow raise our family up to BELIEVE also, it's what we are called to do as parents.
By the way, Kent finished the boys room in the basement for games a few days back,( we have only had to lock them out of it to get chores&homework finished up 1 time,, so far that is. I'll add some clips on here soon of it. He didn't get any owies and the days have been full so far after, which is why I have not written much on this blog and also (yes this is a run~on sentence,oops on me) anyways, we went from the constructing of a room to constructing our next delivery of greeting cards. Which I do need to still be coloring and learning about all the Copic Markers how to's..I have joined some new groups and will be joining the copicbuzz over at papercraft planet. There has also been some really neat ladies yacking back at me finally, , that I thoroughly enjoy spending time typing to.
If you read this girls you'll know who i mean . They are all awesome artists of 1 kind or another and, I soooo love to be in contact with them, so THANKS&HUGS Girlfriends!!!
Kent and I spent a few days out all over Iowa filling card displays to the stores that carry our line of greeting cards. I did miss it here sending notes to my super friends onnline :0) honest !!!

Kent, my hubby of wonderfulness, is outside as I type, with our 3 boys who are pretty super too,(I had to type that incase they read this :0) putting up Christmas lights and oh, how we do love to have a bright home even on the outside to express our love for Jesus Christ and to share that with others as they pass by or even the neighbors to see. Many of ours are older people that have shared with us how much they enjoy our lights. I am SUPPOSE to be sending replies to my online buddiies, and SUPPOSE to be finishing a card order for a donation to Angels For Hope we need to ship them on Monday..It's A really neat online organization, I am working on some new angel designs for Cindy to use there which you can see, HINT HINT at our website now infact. Those cards that I designed for AFH need to have some shimmery~glitters added on soon. Then there is the fact that our stores will need some new Birthday designs too. I do soooo wish more of you would leave a comment or 2 it makes my day !!! Please share your thought, ideas God stories with me, I'd love to read them. Let's inspire one~another, okay.

Special puter hugs to my online family of girlfriends ::: MaryF.~Niki, Dorothy R.all from Create by Faith,,Suzanne from flickr who lives way away from Iowa in Scotland,,Jenny my daughter,of course~~~,Jan,,,she has beautiful sewn~cross stitch creations,,LISA Marie,Allison my niece,Diana M., MO of course, of digital pencil,she's awesome so is, Michelle P. and ALL of those of you who have added on as followers and left me notes, it just adds so much meaning to have a blog when all of you share with me your stories and such. Kent and I have many cards to create and many stores to travel to each month. We do take off a week here and there to catch~up at home. Next we will be going out to get our Christmas tree. I just love the fur trees the best. It will probably be a frasier fur again this year. I had no idea they took so long to grow and they do last long indoors.

Guess we'll be cooking up the families eats for Gobble~Day at the DreamDoodlers home,,can't say how it will turn out though so send a prayer or 2 for my cooking skills,sanity and there stomachs,,,hehehe,seriously.
Let me know how yours goes and I am wishing you MANY Blessings this Happy Thanksgiving week it's coming very fast, remember it is not how much you have but who you are spending your times with.Thanks for spending time reading through my jabberins again please pop in often, know too that I am truly thankful for you~~~~~~Maybe soon I will figure out what blog candy is for any of you reading this. HUGS AGAIN DENA And, do be thankful to our Lord for all the little things in your life, they are all blessings from Him~~~~~~~

From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the Lord be praised...
Psalm 113:3


  1. You've added such cute new cards to your site :)

  2. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such an awesome are so very special, and I am proud to call you my friend...Have a very beautiful Thanksgiving my dear...(((Hugs))))

  3. Thank you for visiting my new blog and leaving such encouraging, sweet comments. I really appreciate it. YOU are the reason I created the blog... :0) I hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. :0)

  4. hey there
    it's been a busy week here
    hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
    glad to be your friend
    love your blog--lots to read and see
    your creations are amazing


~~~Thanks so very much for sharing with me you're Lovely Thoughts~~~
From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3