Monday, January 25, 2010

Here are some updates~~~ And a request for Ideas~~~:0)

Hello and Happy Week to all!!!

Could/would, any of you please help me decide this::: Should my new little girly~girl~drawings for future greeting cards have sweet Angelish/Fairy wings or be simply sweet little girls???
Your input and suggestions are very WELCOME.
Its also my Brillant Kents Birthday today. He's not 49 anymore!!!! Woooohoooo!!!
Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES HUN!!! Here is one of Kent my most handsome Hub's (who is looking very tired, he just works long hours with me in the office) and with him is our Lil' Sissi Doodler Chihuooooo's (our lil' chiclettia princess).

I think I'll add those pics on when they are uploaded to my puter. Hope that is soon.
I'll also show the newest sketches of the lil' girls that are being drawn, but What about the wings question???? Scroll on down to see the newest designs and
share with me your thoughts, please.


  1. I love your girly girl drawings. I think they would be great with or without wings.

  2. Happy Birthday to Kent!

    And I think girl drawings :) but whatever you decide I'm sure will be wonderful.

    Hugs and blessings dear sister.

  3. Well I post to your last post about wings/or not, and suggested a name or two. I agree with the others that whatever you decide they will be great. Can't wait to see the finished cards!!! Have a blessed day dear.

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  5. Happy Birthday to Kent
    Happy Birthday to Kent
    Happy Birthday to Kent
    Happy Birthday to Kent
    now visualize and picture that being sung by a tone deaf ME!! lol
    love your pics
    and how kewl you and him on the computer in the back ground---love it
    that drawing is a cutie
    love her with or without wings
    I'm really helpful eh


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