Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How about some Pretty Pansies???

God has been wispering to me, "Dena get busy and do more flowers , are you listening to me Dear, stop being pouty and get to doing what I have instructed you to do"! Then He goes on to tell me~~~
"COLOR, draw and color some more", " Of course", HE adds, "Don't forget to cook and clean and do all the other necessities too, it just makes me sad when you don't use your gift I gave you". So I draw and Praise Him for that and for my Kent and the boys, and our 2 grandkids we watch each Monday, along with our business He blessed us with 4 years ago. Its not always easy or fun and we miss some home time and our Sissi, (oh, I think I'll add her pic again too), plus the going from store to store, miles after mile. Then Kent has all the lifting, mapping and driving to do, but over all, we are so rewarded with alone time traveling, with special customers who talk to us on ocassion and all the sights God show us through out our drive time.
Yes, we are blessed. Thanks You Jesus for all you did and do for us !!!
And THANK YOU for all your notes and encouragements, you're all soooooo SPECIAL, !!!
Hope you like these latest designs and do leave me more notes too. You're in our prayers~~~Love~Blessings and Hugs~~~ Dena

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  1. Dena,

    How sweet, you put my gerber daisy on your blog. Thank you for the follow. I see you also follow Lisa Shaw's blog. She is wonderful, isn't she? I met her last fall. What a love. And you can NEVER go wrong with Laced with Grace. I'm kind of partial to them too!

    So sorry about the loss of your husband, but rejoicing in who the Lord has given you as a husband, a godly man. Beautiful.

    Also rejoicing that your son is out on his own now. I'm sure that is a great feeling too. My oldest daughter moved out on her own last fall.

    I look forward to getting to know you. May the Lord bless your life with an abundance of His love and grace.


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