Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Introducing Alice

She is a fun 1 for a Ladies Birthday Card, and was named after my Doctor's wonderful wife.. She got me started on a blue haired funny lady. A time back i did 1 named Gussie and she also had blue hair and a funny verse. This 1 will say something fun too. The real Alice is a neat woman after Gods heart too and so is my Doctor,
(Dr. Bill, Alice's hubby).
They also are members of our church, Faith Community Church. I have been going there for 14 years plus. It only been the last 5 of those yrs, after meeting and marrying Kent, that we are truly followers of Christ.
Anyhoo's, hope you like this new design too.

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  1. So fun - thank you for sharing.

    Love & peace,


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