Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue Monday # 6 so far for me~~~Hello My Gorgeous and Yes, Beautiful Blogging Girlfriends~~~

Joining Smiling Sally for my 6th Blue Monday..Heyyyyy Sally!!!

This may not be quite what you'll expect for BLUE but I just had to show you the BLUE Ribbon our youngest, Billy, received on his last track and field day at school. We were there too but the photo Kent took wasn't very clear..( We never said we were photographers) ;0)
So here is Our Billy (the kid), AKA, Little Bill,(you know from the cartoon by Bill Cosby) Billster Bob, don't know where that nickname came from though, anyway, those are a couple of his nicknames. He was my last child and he is the most, shall I say, Unique !!!
I made him, yes, almost forced him to pose for this pic last night just for my Blue Monday event.

Now Sweet Friends,,Sistah's (thanks again Lorie from Encouragement from My Heart)
Love your inspiring blog by the way..There are sooooo many of you I want to thank and believe it or not,,I have been addressing all the cards I want to send out this week just for my Sweet Wonderful Girlfriends who come by to visit with me and leave your encouraging comments..So if any more of you want to email me your Snail~Mail addy GREAT, I'd lover to send a Hello card to you toooooo!!! Its such fun. Or even if you know of someone that could use a card of HELLO in the mail let me know..
Thanks also to Just Breathe, you are a Super Lady yourself~~~All of you are:
Ann, Laura, Lorie,Maurice,Shannon, Mary F. Smiling Sally, Deborah,Jan H., Claudia, who I hope got my confused ? in her email, Alicia,Andra,Molly,Cheryl,Activity Mom, and the Ladies from the Mom Loop and The Dipity Road photo Friday thing,,you're all such fun BTW, Wow~~~ What if I forgot someone,,if so PLEASE know it wasn't intentional.. Maurice at Life Can't Wait and Debby at Just Breathe even awarded and tagged me and I haven't had time to get back to them with all this Life at our home happening. Of course Summer break is just beginning next week,,,Oh my !!!
Do we have enough food stored up for these guys and there friend, whom we love, visiting each day???? Walmart here we come !!! I do believe we own part of that Co. by now...
Anyway, hope you all have plans for summer, even if your not able to go on a vacation, like Kent and I, we'll be in our pool often when we aren't on the road doing our card deliveries .. We'll be saving up for ours to do Disneyland next summer again.. It just may be the 2 of us too. How Sweet does that sound???
Of course it all depends on what the Great LORD Almighty AKA The Main Man has in store for us Elwood's here in Red Oak..

Here is a Beautiful Creature of Gods Creation we took a few months ago on 1 of our deliveries traveling through Le Claire Iowa by the river.. it was like, pinch me Hun,,are they for real???!!!
He, just like God, is Magnificent !!! We had seen 15 Eagles that day by the river,just Awesome !!!

Let me know what your plans are for the season,,it would be Super to read of your hopes and dreams for Summer . Don't you forget now, send me your addy if you like a friendly card in the mailbox,,,its

And Ann,,,Sweet Dear Friend of mine, I still need to get back to The Tattered Tassel to read your post you spoke of and I thank you so much for thinking of me.
I am so blessed to be getting to know all of you,,THANK YOU for that from the bottom of my heart..You're all in my Prayers,,of which I sooooo BELIEVE in..You're all a BLESSING to me!!!
Big Iowa Hugs as always~~~Dena
Do come back now, ya hear~~~I'll be adding more of our new designs and of course Sissi during the week..
Don't hate me because I haven't done the award and Tags, I was soooo Thrilled to be thought of Girls ???? OK

"Let everything that has breath praise the LORD" Psalms 150:6


  1. What a good boy to pose for mom. Nice going for the blue ribbon!! That sky is amazing as is the eagle!

  2. Well, I think that blue ribbon is a PERFECT blue to show!!

  3. Congrats to Billy, Dena! That's something I would be proud to post for Blue Monday. What an amazing picture you got o the eagle. I haven't been so lucky. There is one that flies over us almost everyday but it is always wrong timing. I never have my camera with me. Today there were 2 of them and I had my camera but they were too fast and I could not take their picture....Christine

  4. A cute post. Congratulations to your boy. He was sweet to pose for mom's Blue Monday event ;-)

  5. Good job Billy!

    Have a great Blue Monday!


  6. Morning Dena, that blue ribbon is the perfect thing for Blue Monday.

  7. Congrats to Little billy on his blue ribbon. Sounds like you will be busy. we are planning our vacations now. Four more weeks of School.
    Here is your Blue Monday link

  8. congrats to Billy on the blue ribbon & that pic of the eagel is fantastic!

  9. Hi Dena, congratulations to Billy. I love your pictures.

    Happy Blue Monday.


  10. congratulations to your cute little boy Dena! And I am jealous, you were able to have an almost close encounter with that eagle ;)

    u may view mine here

  11. Congratulations to your handsome son on his award!

    Beautiful bird photo!

    Blessings to you and your family!!!

  12. Dena~The blue ribbon that your youngest son won is just great!! I know that you and Kent are so proud of him. :)
    I would be speechless if I saw that many eagles in one day. The are so majestic. The perfect bird to represent our great country.
    The Tattered Tassel

  13. Loved all your blue stories today. Drop by my blog. I have an award for you.

  14. Hi Dena, thanks for the lovely comment you left on Bella Vista. You made my day. No, the butterfly isn't my painting but I do paint.

    So nice to meet you and make a new friend. Hope your day is blessed.

    Barb ♥

  15. Dena,

    Congrats to your sweet boy bringing home the blue and to his proud mama! I love the photograph you got of the bald eagle! We have them on our property -- who'd a 'thunk' it! Eagles in NJ! But each time I spy one spiraling above me, I am in awe.



  16. I love reading your blog! I am your latest follower! I'd love to get to know you! Why dont you stop by my community & join in our "5 things" discussion and help us all get to know you better! Have a Blessed day!


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