Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Happy Hello's" On This Cool Blue Monday #11 ???? For Me~~~Did I Lose Count???

Greetings All!!!
And how was your 4th of July???
Here it is Smiling Sally,,BLUE MONDAY,,,Praise The Lord we made to yet another!!!
So Jump or Hop or somehow stop by her blog and join in the BLUE day with us...Click on the Blue Jay below this ~~~

Isn't God soooo AMAZING,,and that still doesn't describe HIM...
This is me under our beautiful huge maple tree in our back yard,,,awesome day from Our AWESOME God!!!

This is one of my newest designs for a Birthday Card brought to you all my Sweet Friends by, yes us,the Dream Doodlers, in case you didn't know we are Our own Lil business here and I am SUPPOSE to draw&color all day for my boss~~~Kent the Hubb's

Keep us in your prayers PLEASE if you will~~~ Our stores are changing things and some of them SAY they have no space for our card display because the BIG greeting card company wants MORE space,,,yep,,its hard for us Lil people in business ;0(
Anyhoo's God is with us and we move onward down His path . In the morning bright and early Kent and I go to Des Moines for an interview at another store "Dahl's" Foods to PRAYERFULLY if it's His will, we'll be excepted in there chain for carrying our small display units..
Maybe its bad of me to ask as there are so MANY more important needs in this world than our Lil greeting card co. that we should pray for more, but it was on my mind to ask for them ...Hope its Ok Sally..THANKS Sweet Friends

THANKS SO MUCH, Your Prayers are an honor to receive!!!
We have been blessed by all of my Sweet Blogging Beauties~~~YOU
And we will always Praise the LORD!!!

Our Greeting Card Display~~~

Our Website

Here's a fun 1 Kent and my matching swimsuits for this patriotic Day ...
Cool huh??? But guess what,,it rained on our 4th of July ;0( ah well
we were safe at home and had a GREAT Church day,,so what if Pastor Dave moved the
service time to 10 am and not the usual 10:45...It was a patriotic service
and the music was soooo good. It has just rained all day here in Iowa...

And what would a BLUE MONDAY post be without our sweet Sissi.
Here she is the other day when Kent and I gave her monthly grooming and bath..
Of course the monthly frontline plus was waiting for after dry time.



Even though it has rained allllll day long on the 4th,,,last night Kent, my Fabulous Hubb's said to me,," Do you want to go to Council Bluffs and go out for dinner and watch the firework display from the roof of the restaurants parking garage"?
Well, come on , how could I so "No" to that ???? Being asked out on a date with the man of my dreams????
So yes, I am on my 5th month of a new way of eating thing,,don't want to call it a diet,,its a way of life eating plan now,I've lost 35 lbs., so I made myself a YUMMY huge salad,,without all the extras on it, and added a wonderful soup on the side.
And, here are a couple pics to show it, ALONE to dinner.

The skyline behind us on the roof...A rather romantic July 3rd~~~Thanks Hun for more of those summertime memories..And Thank You JESUS from which alllll Blessings flow

We are eternally grateful LORD JESUS for all of our many blessings, and for all the times you carry us in any difficulty, like lost sheep in the field, YOU pick us up and bring us through..

Ooooops Sally,,it has no BLUE...Can we just imagine it does this time????


  1. Dena, I just prayed for you to get that account! And I prayed that you will be blessed! :-)

    Love your cute baby, and I'm glad you had a good Fourth!

    Hugs to you and Happy Blue Monday!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Beautiful pics, Dena. And hope you don't lose your business, will say a prayer for you....Christine

  3. God cares about even our smallest concerns, so it's good to ask for prayer.

    Dena, congratulations of losing so much weight!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. congrats on your healthy eating, Dena, and your weight loss; that is awesome!! enjoyed the picture of you and your husband

    How neat with your greeting card company; I liked that card you had on display plus your display of cards. I will say a prayer you get that new account; I know Jesus wants us to bring all things to him in prayer

    Our God truly is amazing and awesome and wonderful and mighty and so many other attributes and even with all the words we would use, he still would be indescribable!


  5. Beautiful post. I love the Birthday card and your little baby is adorable.

    My Blue Monday.

  6. Praying you will get to keep your card display! Gorgeous pictures! Hope you had a great 4th, despite the rain!

  7. Wonderful photos, I also hope you are able to keep your card display! Your card is cute and I just love your Sissi!

  8. Hello,

    Little Sissi is too cute. Look at her so comfortable handing her paw, ready to be groomed and pampered.

    I too hope and pray that you and your family's business and it's plans - He will guide you through it always.

    I think the card is cute :-) Maybe you should try opening at online shop too, like Etsy. Ok, I don't have one but I think it is nice that this particular site showcases artists and handmade goods.

    Happy Blue MOnday!


  9. Hello Dena...stopping by via Blue Monday and praying via my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST...
    HIS eye is on the sparrow...the Lil things DO matter...

  10. What a sweet post. I am praying that all goes well. I like your little doggy!

  11. Dena...thanks for sharing these pics with us and for also helping us to know how better to pray for you. I can totally understand your concern about your card display...and oh what adorable designs! Keep us posted on the outcome. "I trust in You, O Lord; I say, 'You are my God.' My times are in Your hands." Psalm 31: 14-15 Let's trust in Him together!
    Big hugs! Your new friend, Tammi

  12. what bright and brilliant blue post!

  13. Hi, from New Jersey! Your dog is so doggone cute. Glad to meet another sister.

  14. Lot's of blue in that post, and sweetness and wisdom too.

    Thanks for posting,and for coming by to say hi, and for following!!!

    Blessings on your week, and hope you get the card set up you want.

    barbara jean

  15. A lovely post. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love the patriotic bathing suits. Too cute.

  16. sorry for the late visit Dena! love all the photos esp the first one. Amazing! Don't worry for sure, God won't let you down. We'll pray for you.

    oh and btw, you and your hubby looks really cute together! and Sissi too!


  17. Hello Dena, thank you for your visit on my Blue Monday post. i am late getting back to you but here I am.

    Your post was fun to read and your cards look very nice. a fun thing to do. I will pray for success in your marketing plans. Big business is a hard competitor. Wishing you luck.

    Your baby is so cute. We do love our pups don't we.

    Hugs, jeanne

  18. Beautiful photos and message!

    I'm praying for your ministry-business!!! Maybe post a big button on the side bar of both of your blogs with a header over it of your name of your greeting card business so people can order from online too.

    I'm you.

  19. Hi Dena, I clicked on the website button in this post and it just comes up as the button. It doesn't take you to the website. Just wanted you to know. Love ya

  20. Your pup is so darn cute. Looks like a nice evening out. Keeping you in my prayers.


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