Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rednesday With Ooooooodles of My Sweet Girlfriends

Cherry World 1

Do check out Sue @ Its a Very Cherry World and join in on the Ooooooodles fun!!!
I LOVE that word lately :0)

This is our Glowing Tree taken from our front window,,,it just seems to glow at certain times of the day.. I am Amazed by the beauty God shows us through the seasons.. Autumn is my favorite time of year... It is stunningly breathtaking..
Like my Savior~~~

This image above just seemed to jump out at me that I had to use it!!!

To all of yoy very knowledgeable Women of Gods word ,,the topic came up at our home just the other night because of a show on the history channel I believe and it was called "Lost Gospels" ,,, Kent was watching it and it did leave me a bit unsettled.. Our walk with God is awesome and yet this show stirred up,, in my hubb's,,, a few questions like,, are there really 4 missing books of the Bible??? And why did these supposed scholars leave them out??? And well Girlfriends what am I to do or say to him when he wonders if we are even usuing the right Bible???
Well, he had had the show recorded and without watching it further he (woooohoooo)
deleted it.. But the questions he has reamins,,,are there missing books and why did they keep them from everyone.. I have prayed and prayed and requested prayers from Lisa and PJ who were/are sooo sweet to have sent up prayers on our behalf again.. See Sweet friends,, I soooo do NOT want Kent confused...
I do hope it is OK with all of you to raise this question.. And I do know that the Di Vinci code stirred up many a few years ago,,, but he didn't even get into that..
This is just another instance of us coming together in prayer for each other in our daily walk with The King of Kings ,,,LORD Most High...

The song comes to mind~~~I need You Jesus come to my rescue,,,where else can I go,,
theres no other nname by which I am saved,,,capture me with Grace,,,
I will follow You....

Red Roses for a blue lady~~~ ;0)

Now for this photo I found by way of google,,,I simply must be honest~~~I soooo LOVE Red Roses,,,aren't they gorgeous Friends...
Right Hun,,,, ((HINT HINT~~~ if your reading this that is)),,,they are just beautiful!!!
They do remind me of the dozen you ordered a couple years back online for our anniversary... Remember Hun ??? The ones that wilted because the delivery truck
brought them the day after our Anniversary :0) Something about the roads being bad and there shift ending???? We were confused also :0)
Kent had wanted so much to surprise me them too.. He is just soooo cute I have to tease him about it once in a while..Love You Hun,,,You are the Best!!!((Needless to say He has NOT ordered online/FedEx again)).

In search of all things RED the memory of Minnie in her fabulous polka~dot red dress came to mind...How Fun is this...

Enjoying the fun with you and sending well wishes for all my Sweet Girlfriends too~~~
Have A Berry Delightful Day Ladies!!!

Hugggggggggggs~~~ Dena

"May Gods Angels Keep Watch Over You,,, Blessing You In All That You Do"


  1. Hi Dena,
    I love the stack of Bibles!
    I'll be praying for you and Kent.
    The Tattered Tassel

  2. What great reds here today but I especially love the beautiful tree as it signals that Fall is coming and I am so looking forward to it!!


  3. What a wonderful variety of reds you shared today. Also, your words are very inspiring and so true. Thank you for this special red day feature. Roses are my very favorite flower. I had some of the prettiest ones this season. You picked a very pretty bouquet of red ones.

  4. Oh, that History channel. I love it, but some of those shows are best watched with a grain of salt!
    I love your tree! It's absolutely beautiful, and it must be sad to see those vibrant leaves drop to the ground. It's almost like it's putting on a show for you!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. I have been troubled by shows that I watch on History channel. There was one on the other night about why Moses only chose 10 of the commandments. I decided I did not need to watch that episode!

    Have a wonderful day!


    My Bible is maroon :-)

  6. The tree is just lucious. Your stack of bibles is impressive looking. Mine are all different colors.

  7. Isn't it amazing that we all still have unanswered questions. I will have to do some searching now. Love your passion for answers. Debbie

  8. Awesome red and that strawberry is so darn cute.

  9. Love the stack of Bibles. Are they all yours? I like to look at Stand to Reason - it's an apologetics blog online - and he answers lots of good questions. So does Olivetree Ministries. Hugs, Patti

  10. you know i think we will have questions like that every now and then. and i think that is normal and okay. i keep coming back to - i trust God though i do no know or understand so very much. i believe he placed what we needed, what he wanted to communicate to us in the bible. God does not just love, just do good. he is love, he is goodness. he cannot be other. so i continue to trust even in the midst of questions and the unknown.


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