Friday, October 29, 2010

HaPpY Pumpkin Day for PINK Saturday Girlfriends!!!

Our front lanterns..

Do stop by Beverly and have some fun and make some friends @ How Sweet The Sound
for this weeks Beautiful PINK Saturday that !!!

"The Pumpkin Patch"

And I'm soooooo very excited since Beverly let us know we can show ORANGE today for Autumn~Pumpkins and Celebrating... Super Hubb's planted a pumpkin plant or 2 in our backyard this past spring.. Now mind you,, the spring previous he planted some Big types but our vacation to California back home made it so they did not have the care they needed... This spring he planted the more simple, jack-o-lantern seeds ,, not the Huge variety sadly I say that , he's going to raise them up next spring,, with high hopes and of course PRAYERS .. But here at our home we are super excited as they went from tiny seeds and with God's touch and the fact that I believe God wanted to just show Super~Hubb's a bit of His abundance since Super~Hubb's had griped about them NOT doing well last season that God just had these vines go wild all over our back yard and part of the vines went under the fence and the neighbor was also blessed with 2 pumpkins of her own....
So I will now leave you with a bunch of pics of our Pumpkin Patch in our very own back yard... We were lucky that these vines didn't just come right into our sliding doors and attack us...

In The Beginning there was just one vine,,,and God blessed us even more...

This is the same view as in the 1st photo...Right behind our deck...

Super~Hubb's was and is sooooo proud and happy about the crop :0)

Here are the 2 Pumpkin Farmers of our house, Super~Hubb's and Billy on one of the picking days..

Here are Kent (Super~Hubb's) Me and our Cassie,,,our 4 yr old Grand~Daughter.

We had 2 picking days and a total of 44 Pumpkins that we hhave kept some of and given away..

Our Grand Daughter Cassie picking hers out...Look at her hair,,,its gorgeous !!!

This leads down to our entry way we brought in a lot of them to sit around our living room and the front yard ... And as you can see,, I LOVE Autumn... Its all over the inside of our home too!!!

Our Dinning Room Table..This pitcher and plater were my Grandpas years ago.. They are beautiful and I use them for this Autumn time of year as a center piece sort of.

Then Step 1 now they they have been harvested and cleaned too..

Step 2 Dad and Tommy

Billy and Tommy and there very 1st carving party with Dad..

Happy Autumn and Happy Harvest Parties with the ones YOU love Sweet Friends...
Love and Blessings and HUGS from my home to yours!!!

God is soooooooooo Amazingly Awesome ,,, May He pour His blessings on to you as you lean on Him...Amen


  1. What a great job Super Hubbs did on growing those gorgeous pumpkins. Everybody looks like they had a great time with them. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. Harvesting is fun!

    Great pictures!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Boy, super carving! Congrats on the harvest. Tardy Pink Saturday greetings and Happy Halloween.

  4. Wow you got some gorgeous pumpkins and the carvings are amazing. Do you eat the seeds? Hope you had a blessed and fun Halloween.

  5. Wow, how awesome to grow your own pumpkins.
    Looks like you had a great time carving them.


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