Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monday in BLUEs On An Autumn Day With You~~~

Hello Sally and All my Sweet Girlfriends~Sisters in Christ !!!
and Sweet Sally I pray everything is well with you~~~

HaPpY BLUE Monday Girlfriends~~~ Again,, Not sure what to post,
We have lots of pics on the camera chip thingy but I've not uploaded them to my puter,,but, on with a beautiful Autumn day...With some BLUE's to go along with it...

This is an awesome photo
,, too bad its not one of ours.. I found it on google.. Can anyone tell me why I can put google images on my post but when I upload from our personal image files,, like I always do for BLUE day it won't ???
Happened to me for Red day too.

So who ever took this photo and put it on google THANKs for sharing it!!! :0)

This is another amazing image don't ya think...It was from google images too.
It is soooo cool!!!
We have some of our own that are more of God's decorating of Autumn that I had wanted to share,, maybe next week blogger will let me upload them..

Until then, this is my Prayer for you Sweet Girlfriends~~~Sisters in Christ
As you begin your new week, may you seek God first in everything and~~~
May the light of Jesus Christ shine through you, blessing you in all that you do~~~Amen ~~~


  1. There was one day when you could not put images on your blog. You still came through for Blue Monday with pretty blues courtesy of Google. We have to do whatever it takes.

  2. awww sorry to hear that maybe blogger got some issues right now.. mis yah!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I will email you the answer on your pictures :-)

    Have a blessed day!


  4. I'm glad that Christie will help, 'cause I sure can't! LOL

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena!

  5. Nice blue pictures. Hope you will be able to upload yours soon too. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Such a sweet post Dena. Love the moon and geese shot. I'm glad google shares. I had to put some photos on my Picasa web album in order to upload them when blogger changed it's picture format. Hope it gets working right soon.

  7. Those are awesome examples of Blue! Hope you have a blessed week.

  8. Love the first photo. It is so amazing too see the bird in formation, however with the moon in the photo, it makes it even better.

  9. Hmmm I am mind boggled on that one. Do you need to buy more space? I had to do that one time from blogger.
    Those are great pictures though. A couple weeks ago at a football game the girls saw the birds flying in a V formation and said...the birds want us to win they are flying in a V for VIKINGS. LOL

  10. Hi Dena,
    The photos you chose to show us are great!! I love the geese, especially this time of year and all that lovely rich blue, just gorgeous!
    Thanks for all your sweet and kind comments. I'm so glad to have found such a wonderful internet friend!
    The Tattered Tassel

  11. Blogger has been having issues-again! I love the bird photo.Happy Blue Monday.


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