Sunday, November 28, 2010

HaPpY BLUE Monday Girls!!!

Greetings Sweet Friends~~~~Click on over to visit Sally at Smiling Sally for another~~~ Super BLUE Monday join in the FUN~~

Hey Hey Hey,, Did You Survive Turkey Day???
And how many of you are doing it all over again for Christmas like we are at our home?????
Let's just keep each other in our prayers then, OK :0) ..
Now on with the BLUEssssss

Super~hubb's and I did up the house with all the beautiful decor's of the marvelous Season of Christ's.. Of course all the Seasons are Christ's aren't they..
We have a collection started of Nativity scenes that we set up each year along with all the other decorations that bring us smiles..
But being that I have not taken any photos of ours I went looking at what is out there in the way of BLUE Nativity scenes.. And let me tell you Sister's there are some beauties!!! So lets get started~~~

This is very simple and soooooo Divine don't you think?

These are very Elegant in my mind~~~

Of course this set is Beautiful too!!!

Wait a second, these are even more Elegant than the other set above that I already said was ... Wow Girls,, see what I mean???

Naturally, this is just simply Precious too~~~

And as for these, well, a very lovely arrangement also~~~

As for this, it looks like a small painting and for me the looks of Joseph and Mary , with concern on there faces,,WOW,, if they had only really known just How Awesome that night would be and what it truly meant for each of us~~~ WOW , what a GLORIOUS AMAZING NIGHT~~~ I for one, am in Awe of Him, our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, how could I not fall to my knees when I get to the great Spirit in the sky, the Holy Spirit that is!!!
Father God~~~Emmanuel

May God bless you today and all through this week Sweet Sisters,, in your daily walk with Him...
I sooooooo LOVE all of you and you're truly in my prayers...
Hugs Dena


  1. Love them all. It's hard to choose from those beautiful sets.

    My Blue Monday.

  2. These are pretty figurines that symbolizes Chirstmas

    You may view my Blue Monday @ J&J

  3. Love those blue nativities.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena!

  4. I'll have to have my Chelsea set up our nativity. You have inspired me....

  5. Yes we survived and we we do it all again at my House this year for Hanukkah and Christmas. Oh I love the nativity sets. We have a few. We will put them out with out the baby Jesus and Wisemen. Then on December 25th Jesus will be placed and on January 6th the wisemen will arrive with their gifts.
    A Fun Festive Time

  6. Lovely blues you've got Dena!

    Family Bonding in the kitchen is my share for Blue Monday.

  7. Oh Dena that collection is so beautiful and a great meaning of the season. I'm hoping to find one and an Advent candle grouping for the place here in Florida. I don't know why but I didn't want to take my decorations back and forth each year nor leave them here in Florida.

  8. Lovely! Don't you just love Nativity scenes!!!


  9. THose are beautiful Nativities. I just can't by a new fancy set I have my one plastic with glitter from the 60's and my other old set from my Mom from the 40-50's...paper creche with light and plaster figures from Woolworth. It's not Christmas til they are up.

  10. Oh Dena..Hope all is well. You didn't miss much on my blog..I've had horrible allergies for the past 4 weeks. It's mold and fungus..seems I an acquired allergy since I've been a floral designer for 38 years. Being around greenhouses...cut farms(even longer)it caught up to me. I've also been doing the last of my craft my blog and websites have suffered. I've missed visiting with everyone, but all I have been able to do was browse thru a few and fall asleep. I laughingly say...It's official...I'm 50 on the 15th...I am now old, fat, and moldy :), but hey I am definatley havin fun!
    Beleive me I thought the way I was feelin was the change comin on....LOL...I just realized I'm not sure which is better...

  11. I love nativities, I collect them. Those are all so pretty.


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