Friday, December 10, 2010

"In The PINK For Christmas Movies"

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for this weeks Beautiful PINK Saturday!!!
This will be a fun one Sister's of course they all are when
we join in @ Beverly's

Christmas at our home when it comes to our Christmas Tree that is, we have a tradition now for the last 2 years, and if you look closely, Super~Hubb's begins the tree decorating with 2 very special ornaments~~~ A golden crown of thorns and then a replicia of a nail, they go at the very top alnnog wioth our Tree Topper, a "Nativity Scene"..
This is a reminder of just what this Christmas Season is truly about.. Then we play some good old Christmas tunes like Bing Crosby, Perry Como, The Bethelem Children's Chior, and a variety of others while we ( usually Kent ) finishes up the decorating...This way the movies can get off on a Christmas note, just right, to begin with...

Well for starters Supper~Hubb's and I kick the Christmas Season off with "Miracle on 34th Street" of course for us it is a must that it's the Old Original version with Natalie Wood and the Gorgeous Maureen O'Hara.. I LOVE her ...What a beauty...
And there's soooo much meaning in it too.
Usually we begin on Thanksgiving night.

Then it's a toss up between "Holiday Inn or White Christmas" This season it was "Holiday Inn" 1st .

About a week or so later we did up our movie night with, you guessed it, the wonderful, "White Christmas"..
Keep in mind Sweet Sister's, Kent, ((Super~Hubb's)) never use to watch these Oldies but Goodies til he and I meant.. Now he loves them just like I do. In fact, when it gets to the part where they sing "Snow Snow Snow,,Super~Hubb's and I join in and IT SNOWED the 1st and only time ((so far )) when we were watching it!!! That was a God moment for sure..It wasn't suppose to snow, and then it did that night, that's a definite time we loved sharing with the boys the next day. .. We may be purchasing some old Mickey Rooney movies soon.. Cool huh....

Super~Hubb's and I both agree, "It's A Wonderful Life" is our favorite.. We watch it on Christmas Eve every year for our movie night. .. I sooooo LOVE Jimmy Stewart,,always have.. I have my Mom to thank for just how much I appreciate these actors and actresses,, THANKS MOM!!!..

I'd really enjoy an old Shirley Temple Movie sometime too.
Kent and I plan a movie night every week...

Just so you know Sister's, we do have quite a few newer Movies we get a kick out of each year too. Here is our personal list..

"Moonlight and Mistletoe"
"The Christmas Star"
The Old "Scrooge"~~~ and or if we have time the newer version with
George C. Scott
Santa Claus 1 and then 2..~~~ We do not care for the 3rd one
And I'm always trying to figure out WHY they can't add the Real Story Of Christmas into all of these.. I know just how I would :0)

"Polar Express"~~~ is another that we enjoy..

"Elf"~~~ its like the only movie so far that we watch with Will Ferrell. The only one that he is in that is NOT at all indecent.. If I used the right wording there???
Anyway, when Kent and I first meant (( we meant at the YMCA through his Mom of all things ;0)) I asked him over to watch the movie with the boys and I when it first came out. Now we watch it each Christmas Season too.

This movie, above, has become our Movie favorite, for Newer movies~~~ "Christmas with the "Kranks"~~~

Here is our finished Tree when it is all done up and shinning brightly, just as we ask Christ to Shine His Light inside our hearts lives each day..
And that is my prayer for each of YOU Sweet Sister's, that He, Jesus Christ, will fill your hearts this Season and, well, each day with His Awesome Spirit Love and Guiding Light...
With all my heart it is my prayer every night for YOU ...
Blessings and Hugs~~~Dena


  1. your tree looks absolutely beautiful, I love the way it glitters and shines. I love how you placed it next to the window, I wish I had a large window like that. It must look so beautiful from the outside too.

    The movies are all great to see during December.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Happy Pink Saturday! God Bless you and keep you safe ....slow down and enjoy the season...don't forget it is Jesus who shine the brightest for us all...I love all the same movies you chose

  3. That was a great review of some of the holiday movies. I wonder when the press and all will see Holiday can also be interpreted as Holy Day and not Holly Day. I love your tree and the meaning of some of your special ornaments. Have a blessed weekend sweetie.

  4. I love what you did with your tree, the nail , the crown, the nativity. Your fave movies are some of mine too. I had forgotten about "Holiday Inn" I need to see that one again.

  5. Beautiful~~prayer and I love all the movies you shared:)
    Happy PINK Saturday!

    Blessings to you,
    Kay Ellen

  6. Beautiful ornaments. Those are all the movies I watch too. I just added the Kranks this year to my movie collection. I need to start watching them! Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Your Christmas tree is beautiful and I love the reminder it sends to all of us. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

  8. Beautiful tree! and such a wonderful reminder of our Lord!


  9. What a great collection of movies, and your tree looks just great!

    Happy PS!
    In Shoes We Trust,
    Maggie @
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"


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