Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year In The RED~~~Sweet Sister's, Is It Too Soon For Valentine's Decors???

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Greeting's from Sissi and I Sweet Sister's,,,now about my question "Is it too soon for Valentine's Decor???...
Hopefully NOT because, here in our home we have switched to Valentine's..
By the time New Years Day arrived, our real tree, although it was BEAUTIFUL, really got to smelling . We then decided it had to be the water in the stand.. Sorry Sister's for the BLUNT talk of it. I have never,,NEVER had a tree stand with water in it smell in all my years. Super~Hubb's and I decided it was because during one of our BT's, shortly after having our Christmas tree up, we did one of our card delivery trips. It was watered but the tree had went dry for the 2 days we were away. Suppose we could have told the boys to try to give it a drink but we didn't. Neither of us thought it would go dry before our return.
Well it did, Kent had added water but from then on the Beautiful Tree just didn't drink up any of the water Kent had given it.

Super~Hubb's and I Christmas Eve Dance, I'm sooooo in LOVE and on Feburary 14th it will be 6 years, wooooohooooo !!!

So it has to be that, it just used it up so slowly that the water became old and smelly...ewewewewew~~~Yep, purdy graphic right.
We even tried putting smell pretty perfume stuff in the stand to help. It did for a time but, by New Years Day, the smell pretty wasn't very pretty anymore :0)
Hence the Valentine's boxes came out. So Sweet Sister's, here are some of the items that are decorating our home now.. Along with one last photo I shared above, of our beloved tree too.

The shelf that holds the Christmas Village, now holds all the nic~nacs that I've received that past few years.. Kent surprised me with imitation Rose petals each valentines, of course I save them.. One of our Anniversaries, Super~Hubb's had real ones for me.. God has sooooo blessed me with the most wonderful, awesome man I've ever known in my life. ( I have known some that were, well, shall I say, quite the opposite)..
Then again that was all before my life took an about turn with Jesus.
Even for Kent, after he and I were introduced. We do love to talk about the 1st year and how rocky our start was until he started our TRUE walk with Christ..WOW.... Theres that word again..
I sooooo like to use that word, oooops on me. Our lives and marriage can only get better and better with God as our Super~Glue....
Sorry for going off on a novel there Sister's.

Those are 2 different views of the same shelf since redecorating after church on Sunday.

This is the Cookie Jar of ours I wrote of last week on RED Day, when I was showing all those I had found on Bing images. Billy our 12 yr old, said, "But mom, that's still a Christmas Ornament cookie jar". I just get it out now because it goes with the other RED things at Valentine's decor time, I told him.

And I leave you Sweet Ladies with this note, its one that I love to be reminded of in my really more difficult times.

With all my heartfelt thoughts, wishes and most importantly Sister's,
PRAYERS for each one of You I do cherish each note you so thoughtfully leave for me. Prayers are always helpful too, especially as Super~Hubb's and I set out again for card delivery trips this week. As it has been for many wonderful Sister's and there family's times have been tighter at our house too. Its ALWAYS sooo encouraging to know that we pray for one another through blogging too. For that I'm extremely Thankful...

~~~Hugs Dena


  1. Hi Dena,
    Funny story about the Christmas tree!! Ours is still up and must come down this week...just can not seem to find the time to do it.
    Also, what a sweet testament that You and Kent share. I love how you decorated around the picture of the two of you.
    Happy Rednesday!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  2. Your shelf looks so pretty. The white shelf with the red on it really makes the red pop. The rose petals are so sweet. Have a great week sweetie and stay safe.

  3. There's always a good thing for more love...

    sorry about your smelly tree water. :(

    And thanks for visiting my blog and commenting recently. I always appreciate that. You are a great encourager to me. Thanks for all the words of love.

    Happy 2011. May God continue to show you His deep love.

  4. What a sweet picture of you and your love. It's not too early for Valentines. I don't decorate to much for it but I like what you have. That cookie jar may have snowflakes but there is still snow in February!

  5. What a beautiful picture of you and your hubs. I love that you dance on Christmas eve. You are too cute together.

  6. Hi Dena! Happy New Year!
    Now you have what I have been fighting for months now. Some of the US has had drought, the other too much water...
    both effect the mold and fungus. Both makes it
    bloom...yippee. That's why this year a lot of florists had trouble with fresh greens and trees. Holly rotted quicker..cedars lost it's berries. Did you know I am a Floral Designer? For 39 years. Docs say I aquired the mold and fungus allergy thru my work. God definately has a warped sence of humor, but I imagine eons after God kicked Adam and Eve out of Eden I bet he went...'Oops' My Bad...and he created the allergy med ingredients...hehe.

  7. Lovely reds for Valentine's Day ... it's never too early to decorate for a holiday as they come and go so fast! Sissy is a cutie pie ... thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comment!



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