Sunday, January 9, 2011

Janurary 10 2011~~~Happy Being BLUE To You!!!

Do stop by Sally's for her Great BLUE Monday Sisters,,when you leave there you won't be feeling BLUE at all. You'll only want to join in on all the variety of BLUES there are to share!!!

Just click on the Blue Bird above to find out more... @ Smiling Sally's

This is one of the tapestries we hang in our living room from Thanksgiving through February I wanted to share her with all of you..She has a small compartment in the back for batteries and will light up when you turn on the switch on .. The art was originally done by a Dona Gelsinger I believe...A Blessed and Fabulous angel artist..

Greetings Sisters in BLUE!!!! And Big HUGsssss and Thank You's again for all of you that took a moment and lifted us up in prayers concerning our business. I still call on my Savior (our) to show us where to look, you know, what doors does He have waiting for us to go to and open in reguards to our business. And then the bigger ? what if He doesn't want us to continue in our business. How can Super~Hubb's and I know the answer to that one...??? I hear God speaking to me many times, but now now, not about this...

Here is one of my newer designs for the wintery time of year, "Kay" she is on a card for the Thinking of You assortment..To bad I have no time to add on any frills to each card, perhaps then the store managers would keep them. But it would be too costly to do that on each design/card as they are only sold for 1.50 each.
Anyhoo's,,,the BLUE is perfect for BLUE Monday, right Ladies...

For those of you who aren't aware of it, Kent Super~hubb's and I have our own Lil handcrafted Greeting Card business.. And as soooo many are in this economy times are a bit tougher than last year at this time. And we still make our living depending on this small business. Some of the managers of the store that carry our line of Greeting Cards are showing signs of wanting to discontinue them to make room for bigger companies and also liquor products are on the increase..Now I'm NOT putting you down if you enjoy a wine now and then, but, we are being pushed aside because we are NOT a big or even medium ;0) sized company, well, we are the first to go.. :0(

We also know that there are sooooo many more people and issue's are much more important and in need of prayer than our need is. It would be an honor to pray for any of you at any time if you'd like to send me off an email.. Prayer is such a big part of our lives and our daily walk with the LORD.. Anyhoo's please do NOT hesitate to ask if you would like to have more prayer partners in what ever your going through..

Please know I DO already pray nightly for all of you my Sister's.. Just for an extra covering over you in your walk with Him.. That it may grow and and that you may know and feel His,, our Sweet Lord's Mighty Presence in your each and everyday.

And Sweet Sister's on this Beautiful BLUE Day, I had not intended to go into all this chatter at you, I only know how much it meant to Super~Hubb's and I to have prayers sent up Heavenward for us... We go have 2 more delivery trips this coming week and I must admit , it does cause me some concern as to what any of the other store managers will say to us when we arrive in there stores to fill our display units,, I give the worry to God but it seems I've not yet left it in His totally capable hands. Don't you find that one of the most difficult things to do????...

This is the other tapestry angel we have on another wall in our living room. I'm not sure who the artist is for this piece though.. So my lovely Sisters on BLUE Blogging day, I thank you with all my heart for reading this all the way to here ;0) and for any blessings of,
comments~thoughts~ideas~PRAYERS you may want to share with and for us here in Dream Doodler Cottage...

May you continue to know the best blessing's of His presence my Sweet Sister's in Christ~~~Love, Prayers and Hugs Dena


  1. Dena, I just prayed for you to have favor. I think this is very important, and I think God does, too. You are important to Him as are your needs. I pray that the Lord blesses you mightily.

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Your post is very touching. My prayers to you and to the business. HE will hears your prayers.

    Happy BM. btw. I love those tapestries.

  3. lovely angel art...i remember years back, i tried out cross stitching similar to these, it took me a year to finish one:)

  4. what a blue monday art post!

  5. Oh that painting is out of this world. I can only imagine how beautiful when its lighted. Beautiful blues.

  6. Dena, the changes you have made on your blog are beautiful. I hope things work out with your business. I know how much you both put into it. You all are in my prayers. Love the Blue skater. So cute.

  7. Dena,
    First, your new blog design is just great and perfect for this time of year!
    Second, Kay is just adorable...what a sweet little
    soul all ready for the snowy winter.:o)
    I hope You and your family have a beautiful Monday in Iowa!
    The Tattered Tassel

  8. I love Kay. She's winter, she's whimsical, and of course, she's blue!

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  9. Oh opps I thought I was home! I used this background for a while too on My Journeyback I love it especially the litte scrafs between posts. I love your lovely blue taperstries and other things. I was Blessed to visit you today.
    I posted my Blue Monday today too. Come by and see me again.
    Have a Blessed Week,

  10. your blog makeover is amazing! :) Hugs sissy! don't worry, I know He will lead and guide you esp your business! have a great week ahead!

  11. Your angels are so pretty. I bet they look lovely in your home. Like your new kitty too!
    Hope you have a blessed week.

  12. Great job on your new little skater. Have a blessed day. Debbie


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