Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Blue Monday Valentines on Our Anniversary!!!

Hello Sally and Everyone,,enjoy a Blessed Day !!!

      Stop by Smiling Sally 's place to and share in the FUN !!! Also, join Super~Hubb's and I in our Anniversary Celebration today too, Valentines Day !!!

My heart has been in a Heavenly Cloud 9 kind of feel,   :0)  ever since Kent and I meant.. 6 plus years ago...Thank You Sweet Jesus, I pray your blessings on our marriage LORD, will continue,for many more years to come, in Your precious name I ask this Jesus~~~Amen!!!

Oooooh, there is a tiny bit of BLUE here, thankfully.

I don't know about all of you Sisters, but I sooo enjoy buying a few fun things for my grand kids on Valentines..This year with  2 of our boys working, Jacob and Tommy, they are excited to be able to purchase something for us for the Valentines part of it that is..
I feel a bit guilty that we didn't get them anything silly this year though.  But, hey, its not over yet.
How will you be celebrating????? 
Will there be lots of candies for you to chose from???
Super~Hubb's here always has a stash of chocolate near his desk ((yes, in 2 places that is) for any event ;0) 

He tells us he needs them for energy, its a good thing I do NOT require any ...Just imagine what my drawings may look like...

My prayers go up to our Heavenly Father for all of you too.
For your own walks with Jesus,  your marriages,  relationships, health, and of course finances too..I  continue to send these prayers up to Heaven, to rest on Him there, for each one of you..

With Ooooooooodles of LOVE and BIG  Iowa Hugs ~~~Dena


  1. So cute. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Everything is beautiful in blue. Happy Blue Monday and Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Such a vivid blue... and a great post for Blue Monday.
    Happy Valentines Day and Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Love all your pretty Valentine Blue's but that Blue rose heart is just gorgeous. Have a romantic day you two.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  6. Such sweet and touching blue valentines for today. You came up with a really pretty showing today.

  7. Gorgeous, happy anniversary!

    Blue Monday, happy valentine's day!

  8. Love all the blue valentine's you found!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary.


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