Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Sweet Sisters In RED!!!

From Dena Dream Doodler to You!!!

 Happy Valentines Day

Cherry World 1

If you don't know it yet, if you have not heard then simply, click, hop, or any way you want to get to Sweet Sue's for some FUN and FRIENDSHIP in her ~~~Delightful Rednesday!!!
I believe you'll feel Blessed and Inspired too...

And to my Sweet Sisters ,, the above image is my first attempt, I'll be it, a silly one at that, to create my own Lil' "Award" to display here at my post for all of you to see,, because it is meant for" YOU" !!!
But in looking at it now, the work I did in  my paint program with the text just wasn't big enough to read,, oooops again .. If you want to take time and click the image I think it will show up larger..
That is, unless your eyes are more like 20/20  compared to mine,,, ;0) 
 Just to share with you, I received an award from  Beautiful  Bubbly Sarah,, she's such a real blessing to me @ BloggingWhileWaiting... 
See Ladies, rarely do I receive awards, so please forgive me for being a tad delirious, its just that 2 came in 1 day, wooohooo!!! 
The second one came from that Vivacious Sister so many of us are blessed to know, hope I spelled that correctly Ladies, DONNIE @ New Blessings Everday...  I was totally SURPRISED and just have nill the time anymore and thought to myself~~~Self,, why not put up a post to HONOR all of your Sweet Delighful Sisters in Blogging,,  (( see, i often talk to myself, shhhh, don't pass that around though OK)) all of, WONDERFUL Ladies, those that your Heavenly Father sooooo Blessed you with in this past year of being in Blogville.    They deserve the awards even more than you do...
So here I am presenting these awards to, duhdadaduh~~~ You...
With Thanks, LOVE and,  praying for blessings from, GOD above to fall on YOU too!!

I do soooooo~~~ Soooooooo Cherish all of you..
There were many more awards I'd picked out to share here with everyone. Only trouble was, none of them were RED...~~~Unless??????   Ahhhhhhhh, let me go check the bing image files one more time...

Wooooohooooo Sisters, Whallah!!!     I found one with some gorgeous RED all around it, plus its even Shinny,   Ohhhhhhhh,
I'm soooo excited !!!
And each and everyone of YOU desreve an award for being the Very Best Sisters in Blogging for God, Fun, Rednesday, Blue day, Thankful Thursday, Fearless Friday and Spiritual Sunday's ,, and all the days inbetween too!!!
All of YOU deserve bunches of  awards..

So keep on Blogging You Beautiful Blogging Sistahs..
You add soooo much to my days,, and honestly even to my life .
Sending up prayers for each and everyone of You.

With Ooooooodles of LOVE~~~Dena


  1. What...you don't have time....lol...I know you don't sweetie because you have to fill my card order. Everyone so loves the special different cards I have been able to send them thanks to you and hubby. Having you as a friend is my biggest award ever.

  2. Hi Dena, Thanks for a delightful visit on this very chilly but sunny REDNESDAY. Have a blessed week! :)

  3. Cute little pics this week, Dena - thanks! And thanks for the award!

  4. I enjoyed my visit to your blog very much. That was great, winning two awards. Best wishes.

  5. Congrats on your award Dena, and you deserve it because you're such a sweetheart!
    Happy REDnesday!

  6. You are so sweet! This was a cool award! Thanks! I'm so thankful for you too! Isn't the Lord wonderful to give us such lovely bloggin' sistahs??? :) I like the fact that we're "sistahs from the same 'Mister'." I guess it's okay to put it that way, eh? :) Anyway, you get the idea...we're all sisters with the same Heavenly Abba Father. :)
    Thinking of you! Hugs!

  7. I got my cards and they are great. Already have a few addressed and love all the sweet comments the recipients had from the others I sent. Thanks sweetie.


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3