Sunday, March 6, 2011

"HaPpY BLUE MoNdAy Sisters"

Greetings Sweet Friends~~~~Click on over to visit Sally at Smiling Sally for another~~~ Super BLUE Monday join in the FUN~~

Well Sisters,, what do all of you have planned for this new week???
Any plans for what flowers to plant, what  room to start the SPRING cleaning in???
Here at our house Super~Hubb's and I have been thinking and missing the fact that we won't be driving, flying, or traveling in any way to my old home state of California.
Seems to affect him and I this time of year.
Ahhh well, how do ya spell, "Salovee' " in french???... We are using what we got in a tax refund for putting into our business and for a new roof on the house.
And thats a blessing all of its own.. Thank You LORD..
So when my wonderful Super~Hubbs and the boys start in on the roof, I will FOR SURE be sending out major prayer requests. So be ready, PLEASE..

I sooo appreciate the notes and how my heart feels Hugged each tome I read them..
PINK Days are slow in receiving comments of late. REdnesday has been for me too.
BLUE Mondays have been such a blessings though, for sharing in uplifting each other during Sally's wonderful
BLUE Day...
So again, THANKS Sally for always having us...

Now on for the BLUEs in reguards to  no Cali and no Disneyland..

These are Eucalyptus Trees I believe and I sooooo miss them..
I LOVE all trees, but this type we do not have in IOwa either. Along with the Palms. Unless of course you buy a phoney one from the store. OR, thinking about it. A woman in another town has a huge hot house for about 4 of them and she pulls them out in the summer.
Wonder if she has a Avocado Tree in there too... YUM

And here it is, home again .. how did I ever survive this freeway stuff???   Oh thats right , I never did like driving.
Thats right Sisters, I still do not drive, and I blame it on being born and raised in Los Angeles for 21 years.
My mom use to say, if you're that nervous, then no one needs you to be on the road.
And I sooooo agree.

A tid bit of FYI for you Ladies, even though I was born and grew up in So. Cal, I didn't get to go to Disneyland until I was 16 yrs old.  When a girlfriend had her Birthday there and her parents
paid for her and 2 friends to come along,
 I was one of them..
It was an OK time until the 2 friends decided to go with some guys to??? where there while I sat and waited  by the entrance alone that night.    BUT ,,the  good thing was, her Dad got back early and waited with me for them to return to the meeting point we'd sat up at the beginnig of our day there, 
my friends had no clue he would be back so soon.... Hahahahahahaha,,,that was cool for me, because, get this, the guys that my friends went with were Marines
on leave..   The whole time I'm thinking,Not good huh.
God didn't give me any trouble trying to decide wether I should run off with a guy of my own while there, I always figured it was because I was never much to look at...
As I look back on it, God was protecting me from being in TROUBLE with her parents too, and then in turn, I'd have been in trouble BIG time with mine also. :0)
Needless to say, I didn't run around with these 2 friends anymore.

This is a DOOSEY Ladies.. I was foolish to be on this ride 1 time and it was 1 time toooooo many ;0)
It looks soooo awesome inside just like the Disney movie, Tower of Terror from the 90's.

This is one of my morst favorite spots at Disneyland.
Just sitting there for lunch, we bring in certain foods and snacks and rent a locker there since food is soooo expensive. Then we find a table, which is hard, and sit down to eat here. 

Thank You LORD for my Super~Hubb's enjoying the same things as I do, usually ;0) 
And for  our Disneyland days of 09 and our future trips there.

You can't really tell by this photo but, this was very entertaining.
The Main St. here is also a most favorite part of Disneyland for us

This was taken by a neat girl who works there for the Fantasia/ The World of Color water and light show.

These were all from just our first day there.
Except for this last photo.
I'm thinking I may post our photos from the day we went to walk on the beach at Huntington next BLUE Monday..
As for now THANKS to all of you Sweet Sisters for strolling through my days at Disneyland in pictures, with me...
I sooooooooo love the way the Sweet LORD has and will work in our lives, if only we wait on Him...
And yes, I know thats not always easy is it....Trust in the LORD forever.. Praise His Holy Name..

May you wake each day with God's blessing,and grace.
Sleep each night with His keeping,
safe in His loving arms.
And~~~  May you  always walk in His tender care and mercy.
Prayers and Hugs~~~Dena



  1. Thanks for sharing that bible verse to us...
    I am your newest follower, I hope you could visit and follow my blog as well, Happy blue monday! tnx!

  2. Loved all the California "Dreaming" photos. I've taken the kids to Disney here in Florida twice and hope to take the grandkids when they are older. Don won't go because he can't walk a long way and hates crowds too. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Wow . . . what a first-time-at-Disney-memory you have! I'm glad you made the right choices.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  4. It is a very good thing that you made good choices on your first trip to Disney World. God was keeping His eye and His hand on you.

    I am looking forward to Spring and was just given a bunch of garden supplies yesterday. I have to go through it all and see how and what I am going to use.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely time with us. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Wonderful pictures. We hope to go to Disneyland this month or next. Love the blue skies!!!

  7. I want to go there too. I am your new follower.

  8. Hi Dena, thanks for the tour of Disneyland and for sharing the sad story of how your friends dumped you for some hot guys. That has happened to me so many times, but not at Disneyland! I was there when I was 4, and on my honeymoon (in January, when most things were closed for refurbishing, lol.)

    I like how you showed us some sunny, pretty blue days ... they are right around the corner soon, it just doesn't seem like it for those of us still stuck in "winter". Have a wonderful week, and God bless!

  9. I have never been to Disneyland...been to Disney World a few times. I haven't travelled to the west coast yet. Can't wait to visit there sometime though.
    Love the blue and you too!


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