Sunday, March 27, 2011

"HaPpY BLUE MoNdAy Sisters"

Greetings Sweet Sisters~~~~Click on over to visit Sally at Smiling Sally for another~~~
Super BLUE Monday join in the FUN~~

To begin with  Ladies, THANKS ~~~ Kent and I are soooooo Praising our Precious LORD and all of You that have sent prayers up for our safety traveling His creation  and  for our little  greeting card business...
God did open up some new doors for us just last Thursday, giving us 2 new Huge stores in the Omaha area of NE...
And these were 2 places we have tried before to get into but were told NO!!!      :0)    Isn't Gods timing Awesome... It didn't happen when we wanted it to, but  we were told yes  when , He supplied them,  when we needed them. Did that make sense??
We are VERY excited... Thank You Sweet Jesus and  each of YOU Sweet Sisters for your blessed prayers!!!  
Ok so,, I found this new place totally by accident Girls...
Its kind of fun and silly... If you want to scroll down
to my last post
it'll show you another image, it was of Christ, that I added  inside of  the original image of an angel note thingy..
 It would be easier if you took a look at my previous post compared to,  Duh Dena here
 trying to explain it  :0)

 OK so  Ladies,  I'd been on an adventure of what to design, in the way of greeting cards, for a town here in Iowa that is supposedly known as the  Ice Cream Capital ...
When I came to these little delights I just had to save them and show them  to you  here, just for Sally's BLUE  today..

I figured who could resist Ice Cream and images of Sweet Treats too.     PLEASE Know this, in my choices of brands that are on this post , it is ONLY due to the fact that it has the word and color BLUE on there packaging that I am using them... I am in NO way trying to promote ANY company or product you see here in photos..       I will ONLY promote God  every chance I get :0)  even if its not BLUE day  :0) 

And in honor of the town there will also be a bunch of new Blue Bunnies designed for our card displays in that area of Iowa too. Prayerfully cute ones liked the furry  and oh so plush toys above..
Le Mars Iowa LOVES there BLUE Bunny factory and I think they LOVE ice cream too,,

BUT don't we all LOVE Ice Cream Sisters?????
...So we try to please our customers with cards they'll love to send out..
Plus it soooo makes drawing a lot of FUN..

THANKS for reading my jabbering post, again.. Love,Hugs&Prayers~~~Dena

~~~LORD Jesus, THANK YOU for my Sisters in blogging, for the miraculously (made by You ) women that  they are~~~Amen 


  1. What a cute post...Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I love that brand of ice cream! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  3. I do love Blue Bunny. I try to get the light though. Cute little blue ice cream images.

  4. Love the new header and the blues, especially Blue Bunny.

  5. Looks like you might have had a sweet tooth today. We don't have that brand of ice cream. Happy Blue Monday.

  6. Hi Dena :) dropping by to say you have been missed! Hope everything is working great out there! hugs!

  7. Just bought some ice cream this week. I have been craving it. Hope you are doing well my friend.
    Love the new header picture. It looks on my computer screen so real that I could smell it and touch it. Just beautiful.


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