Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Not Sure Lately, In Case You Are All Wondering" Where In The World Is Dena E" ~~ IF ~~~

yes, If I should do the color posts anymore...  But I do know that I miss YOU and had you on my mind even when  I'm not posting a Color Theme post...
It seems to me that comments are some what down lately.. Must be the SPRING thing going on..
It has been Beautiful here in Iowa ..
Although it was cold enough today for a Soup and a Cresent Biscuit Delight thing~a~majig, so that is what there supper was for tonight...
Sorry, no photos of the meal ... 
We've also had quite the time lately with our 18 year old son wanting to rent any movie he wanted and bring it into the it was some rated R horror flick... BUT that just won't fly with us...
You know , the our house our rules card.. We have to use it a lot more now that he turned 18.... He's a good kid really, but you know how the temptation thing goes with them...

 Sometimes I try to think,,OK how would Bill Cosby deal with this????   Hahahahaha.

Then I just have to smile....

Ok,,,  so I found a  photo   of soup on Bing images... :0)
Just couldn't resist adding one..

And also one of the Biscuit thing~a~majigs.
These are real close to what the ones I made looked like,
 BUT I just had no clue I was going to post anything tonight or I'd have taken a photo to share of my own..

Anyway, Sisters,,, hope all is well with you and I'll stop by and visit soon. We are running tomorrow too,  please pray for a new door to be open for us because tomorrow we have an appointment with a new store to show them our line of greeting cards, we have been preparing our portfollio...
Its all up to our Sweet LORD...
And prayers sure can NOT hurt, right????

Prayers~Love and Hugs~~~Dena
PS~~~Thanks for reading my chatterings!!!


  1. Your family is always in my prayers sweetie and that thing-a-majig sandwich looks pretty good. Stay safe.

  2. Prayers for you!

    The soup and sandwich looks good!

    Bill Cosby always makes me laugh!


  3. I've missed you. I do manage to read most of your posts, and I have gotten so behind with my commenting. But I am still here! I will be praying for new doors of opportunity for your business.

  4. I think that a lot of people are going through a slump lately. I know I haven't felt like reading posts lately but I am trying, little by little. I agree, your house your rules!

  5. Hey! Had a chance to stop by. Been a long while. Have two weeks left of clinical, then it'll be time to sign up for summer classes. Just wanted to say hi and that I was thinking of you. And man, oh man, the pics of soup and sammie (Sandwich) looks de-lish! Makes me hungry. :)
    Thanks for being my "fwend." ( when my son was in kindergarten, he got his 1st report card, and the teacher remarked that he needed to work on his behavior for talking during class.. . . I asked him what was going on, and he told me "Mom, I can't help it, I just like to talk to my 'fwends'!!") LOL So, thank you for being my "fwend." :)


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3