Sunday, April 17, 2011

High School Prom

THINKING Of  YOU  Sweet Sister's On This Blessed BLUE Monday of Sharing Together....

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Today I wanted to show you the newest photos of Our Son Jacob and his first Prom.   He is a Junior now and on his way to becoming a Senior next year..  Big difference since that of the  Baby you see below here... Or toddler, as Jacob is the one holding his brother Tommy in the photo...
Its a very bittersweet time for Mommy here...
 Of course he has a LOT of homework to get done still~~~   ;0)    
 We are very PROUD of him... Praising God for the fine young man He is growing him into.

Jacob 3,   Tommy  1&1/2
They were the best babies..
But does the word Ornery come to mind with you too???

Father and Son
Practice  makes  perfect...

This may seem a tad confusing, but this is now taken on the official Prom Day 2011
His friend came by  since they were both nervous... He was a big help...

What a pose huh... I thought it was cool that Tylor wore pink for his date..
Jacob's date asked for red.. But if you'll notice, each of the photos I made
sure had some BLUE included too!!!
Then to get his date and some friends to Prom all fancy compared to his 97 Buick my daughter Jenny and her Hubb's let him use there "Journey" all weekend...
And speaking of BLUE isn't this a BEAUTIFUL shade....????

The Lovely "Wristlette". Hope I spelled that right...

And for the finale.. The Gorgeous couple.. We were, are sooooo PROUD!!!
In my day,   (not that I was ever asked to the Prom or any other dance for that matter :0(         A person went with the one they were dating on a regular basis..
Not anymore as I am told, none of that matters now..
Just a note, we are not sure how other towns/ cities do the event up. Red Oak  lays out a Red carpet  
 at the swankest local Hotel   that we have ...   
Sorry Sally, it wasn't a BLUE one...
But if you can see it, God gave us a BLUE Sky kind of day!!!

Oooooooh YUMMY, this was our part of the donation for the after Prom Party..
Wow, are they in season,,   sooooo tasty too...
Guess that kind of let the cat (orange) out a the bag.
Now you all know that I had to go and sample a couple of the sweet wedges too..

With it all said and done now. Super~Hubb's and I believe Jacob had a bit of a let down..
At the dance part of it, he informed us that there was "No way" he'd dance
 any of those dirty dancing moves.
In his words,,,
 "That's all they were doing , they might as well have been having sex right there, and call it dancing". !!!

Now, after hearing that Ladies,  because of the way tolerance has allowed teens to do the bump and grind etc."
We are even more proud of him for NOT  joining in...
It was a good feeling to know that he was upset by it, and for us, well, we haven't been out anywhere to wittness how they dance now days...
Praise God, we must be doing something right...   :0)

May you each have a truly blessed day and week...
You are in my thoughts and prayers as always. THANKS for the notes and for coming over to visit...
Love & Prayers &  Hugssssssss Dena


  1. What a handsome young man you have there! Thanks for sharing this special day with us.

  2. Jacob sounds like he's as beautiful inside as he is handsome outside. I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  3. Very good looking gentlemen. looking more handsome in the suit. love your blues :P

  4. You had some beautiful blues in all your photos even in the crowd when they were walking down the aisle. You raised a fine young man and it looks like he had fun and so did you two.

  5. Lovely!

    Would you please come and see my Blues? Thanks a lot!

  6. All handsome men and a wonderful sharing of a special family event! I just took our daughter prom dress shopping this past Saturday. Hard to believe I was just putting diapers on her and now a prom dress (smile)!

    Blessed Holy week to you and your family! Much love!

  7. beautiful post, they grow up so fast, I remember those prom nights , now all grown up & 7 grnads to show for it lol

  8. Handsome young men! Such a great event to share with pride!! Happy Monday!
    Blue Monday

  9. Beautiful couple! Those are fun days. So the parents go out to take pictures?? I've never seen that before.

  10. My first time to have joined Blue Monday and I am now your follower too. Your son looked so gorgeous beside his date. Indeed a lovely couple. Hope you can also check out my entry . Thank you!

  11. He sounds like a wonderful young man. He sure is a handsome one and he had a beautiful date. I know you are so proud of him. Rightly so! Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

  12. he's grown to be a handsome young man.

  13. aw, what a big difference indeed..he grow into a big handsome man

    my blue


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