Wednesday, September 7, 2011

As For Me And This Blog~~~

i will, PRAISE and Serve The LORD!!!!!

How are all of you this day??? Its been a delight for me lately as i have sought and continue to seek our Father GOD and, continue to be ready to pray for others at and @ the Facebook Womens Groups...
There is also a GREAT bunch of Tweeting going on about HIM @ twitter!!!!
If you are ever needing to have your spirits lifted, just connnect with GOD's Mighty HOLY SPIRIT and pray for others...
There is also PRAISING HIM thru a twitter account and while you're there, see all the wonderful Sister's tweets happening at twitter too.. It can soooo, SOOOOOO help others and You as Followers of CHRIST gathering there to encourage one another and HONOR our Almighty GOD...Creator of HEAVEN and Earth, Through Prayer and Praise...
HE transforms me with every new day.. This has come about in my post as
God has lead me to have a heart for the lost, for those that are depressed,
worried and fearful of what tomorrow may bring... Through prayer and sharing with others in GOD's MIGHTY Word, speaking for myself, the worries and fears are left at the CROSS of CHRIST!!! Be filled with thankfulness, with caring for others and HE will dispell those down/sad feelings and fill your hearts and minds with HIS HOLY SPIRIT, to overflowing in fact!!!

You, my Sweet Sisters, are continually prayed for and held tightly in my heart... You can find me at CHRIST'sDenaE on twitter... Check here for a lil bird on the side bar of this blog,click on it and it will take you directly to the twitter account of mine...
And, there is also a Facebook button of mine on the sidebar here where you can begin and find the group page at Facebook for~~~~
"CHRIST's Women~In The Light Of JESUS Praise and Prayer Group"...
There are soooo many, many blessed groups there to share at and be encouraged...
Hope to see you there real soon....
Hugssss LOVE and Prayers Always included~~~Dena


  1. Amen and thank you. Your love for our Lord is so wonderful.

  2. You are such a blessing. I am not much into Twitter but sounds like I am missing some blessings over there!

  3. GOD is great and we can all share Him


  4. Hi dear friend! Your blog is beautiful and so bright. Love the fall leaves. How have you been? I love this post. So glad that the Lord is being praises on your blog. You are an encouragement to all.


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3