Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year~~~Praying All Of GOD'S BLESSING'sssss On Each Of You!!!

This is just a bit of info for my Sisters and Brothers in CHRIST JESUS...

God sooo moved on my heart while I'd been praying for soooo many needs , yes there are many, that HE lead me to passing on this info for the beginning of our New Year in CHRIST......

There are sooooo many suffering, sooooo many needs, whether it is due to health, finances, loneliness etc.. Many of these issues can be GONE in the name of JESUS the CHRIST, and eased by the HOLY SPIRIT.. For GOD is soooo ABLE.. HE can handle all your worries, all defeats, all issues.. Of ANY shape, kind or size... This information IS ALL BIBLICAL too...
Please do look into "The Steps To Freedom In CHRIST" by
Neil T. Anderson.. A well known and very respected author and pastor... My Hubb's and I have went thru this once now and its was soooooo "freeing indeed", as we walk with JESUS HE can and will free us in HIM..... Remember, HE IS MIGHTY to SAVE!!!

There are also books by Neil T. Anderson,
1-) is titled; "The Bondage Breaker" and the other book
2-) "Victory Over Darkness"...
Please note that, when and if you do begin these please ask for extra prayer partners while you go thru the process... satan soooo does NOT want any of us to follow CHRIST JESUS at all, he wants us to go the worlds way, the ways of darkness and sin, and those are satan, the enemies ways and his tricks. He, satan, the devil,and his demons are out to steal, confuse, kill and destroy!!!
Remember Sweet Sisters, You are in my Hubb's and my hearts and prayers...

May you seek JESUS and truly know the Very Real, AWEsome PRESENCE of JESUS the CHRIST now, and thru your New Year too... Keep PRAISING our Father GOD in and thru all situations, for HE IS SOOOOO Mighty ,,, HE IS GOD, LORD of alllllll... Hugsssss and Love Always~~~DE

And Remember my Sweet Blogging Sisters ~~~ Family, WE ARE VICTORIOUS in CHRIST JESUS.... REST in HIM , The HOLY SPIRIT!!!

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