Friday, October 23, 2009

"Happy Autumn Everyone"

Its a coldish blustry Autumn day here in Iowa. We have some gorgeous colors all around us and some rain the last couple days. I had originally been typing this up and adding on a new design that I recenly finished and poof some how I did something and its was just gone!!! Boo hoo :0(
so I am starting over again and its seems to be just as boring of a read as the original one, sorry all. Lets see what is new to tell you of, ah, we had been away Kent and I to fill our card displays in the Eastern Ia area and 2 in Il. We were gone 2 days and now my adorable husband has decided to take a break from the card business to construct a room addition in our basement. He is so determined to get the boys a room made to have there games in. Plus it will have a lock on the door for us parents to continue our good parenting skills with, this way it tells them "If the homework is not done then the door stays closed, you know locked"so "yippy for good parenting"!!! Meanies aren't we, believe this our first years of parenting didn't go as well as these last few.
Wow, was that as boring as it will get you ask??? I pray not to get worse at this for all your sakes,I hope to get better as I go with this blogging so please be patient okay, and do try to ignore my errors too.
Oh, by the way we now have, by Gods grace of course, 64 Fareway's that carry our line of handcrafted greeting cards.

This is TomTom the Tank Engine we named after our 14yr old Tommy so he's embarrssed :0) thats alright though isn't it,LOL

Thanks to all of you that have written to me here,its so wonderful to look and see I have comments , it helps to keep me jabbering so HUGS and Gods angel blessings to you and yours!!! Until next time ~~~


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  1. This is beautiful! The colors are extremely vibrant and the composition is strong. Wow. It is definitely time for you to use the gift that God has given you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your wonderful comments and let's keep visiting each other!

    Happy drawing!


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