Friday, October 23, 2009

" Just One Of Gods Angels "

I don't know if anyone else will agree but this looks like a Heavenly Angel to Kent and me,
do you agree? We took the pic during one of our card trips in Iowa,beautiful isn't it?
Thanks for looking~~~


  1. yes it does. isn't it fun how that happens.

    Dena how did I miss you have a line of cards??? Sometimes I wonder if my brain works at all!! lol
    They are wonderful.
    Are the stores that carry them local?
    I see that I can order them online as well.
    Will need to do that.


  2. Amazing what the clouds do, like a photo imprint of the world. So pleased it made some of the heaven's too. Awesome cloud angel!

  3. i absolutely love this gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful photo image. The LORD is so good!

    Hi Dena, and thanks for visiting my blog and for sending me such a warm and precious Email comment. I was so moved. I had to rush over and see you and pray for you. You have a warm blog and I enjoyed reading your profile.

    You're sweet!

    I look forward to visiting again.

    Love and blessings.

  5. Hello precious Dena! I just noticed you started following my blog. Thank you much for coming by and thinking anything I have to say is worth coming back for more.

    I do see the angel. I love looking at clouds and seeing shapes in them.

    I see you also follow 2 of my other friends, Mary (that I've known for a long time) and Lisa. Lisa and I just spoke at a retreat together. What an awesome time we had together.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

    Have a blessed evening.

  6. I totally see the angel there! Nice capture. =)

  7. Hi Dena! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words! They warmed my heart! :)

    What an amazing picture! I can see the angel! So cool!!

    Take care,

  8. Hi Aunt Dena,
    Wow, that is a beautiful picture. I love those moments when we look up at the sky and the Spirit moves us to take notice of the beauty God has created, to remind us of who God is. I finally found the time to take a look at your new page, it looks great. I hope you are all doing well, and thank you for the Brthday wishes.
    love Cindy

  9. Yes I see what you's awesome when we are blessed with God's gifts to our spirit...I am enjoying your blog dear...(((hugs)))

  10. Such a beautiful picture! I love seeing things in nature that make me feel like they were created just for me! :)

  11. Hi Dena! I LOVE the photo--it is truly heavenly!

  12. beautiful picture Dena! Thanks for keeping up on my blog and for the continued support!

  13. an Angel indeed! Love that you mentioned Iowa, I'm from Iowa !!

  14. Hi Dena!

    It sure does look like an angel! Looks like a Michelangelo sky!

    Michelle :)


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