Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Sunday and Our Beautiful Chihuahua~Sissi

Wow!!! Is it a BEAUTIFUL Day in Iowa , the colors may be gone from the trees in our area,(they all fell off :0( but the temp. has been almost like it was for me as a child growing up in So. California. I do miss it there, well, sometimes but not the crazy traffic. Its warm bright and sunny with a bit of a breeze, if I could describe a day as gorgeous, today is one of those days for us Iowans. Usually, as I recall anyhoo, (do I sound old now or what???hehehe) November is cloudy and coldish. Kent, my super~husband is still trying to get the boys basement game room done. I actually, shocked myself and with Gods guiding hand,(that just means I don't know what I am doing without Him, I've had no training) created 7 new greeting card designs,woooohooo, I really got some work done!!! Of course it never seems like work I love it so.When Kent is done carpentering he'll scan in the new designs for me so I can add them on this blog thing. My hubby surprised me with a trip to "Blick" art supplies and purchasedfor me a set of new Copic Markers, now do I know how to use them, "NO" hehehehe, so, , I have some tutorials to be watching soon. ANY ADVICE??? I'd sure appreciate it, LOTS. Which reminds me to say "Thanks soooo much to all of you who have came to my blog, it just means oodles and more to me to see the wonderful comments and to see you GREAT LADIES that have added on as followers, I am Honored, truly !!!!

When I learn of the "HOW TO's" of blogging and blog candy it'll be helpful but for now I have NO CLUE, how to do any of that in blog~land, sorry everyone. I'll except advice on that also,well, on most anything for that matter. Oh, by the way, church was so awesome today too!!! I do hope any of you reading this have a good Bible based church to be attending. God has truly blessed us since we have been following all who follow and trust in Him,may all things work for the glory of God.
" From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another."John 1:16 NIV
Just wanted to share with you a bit about Christ. He's the reason I still do get up in the mornings , after the life I use to have, WOW are we blessed now. I won't bore any of you with all of that but if ever you do want to know then, please do , just ask. :0)

Hugs~Blessings and Have a Beautiful week~~~



  1. hello :)
    Just me popping in to say hi! Your blog entry is great, and OH SO TRUE!!! Iowa is beautiful today! Is that Christmas Tree lights around your window???

  2. Hi Dena :)
    I always heard my mom refer to the dishes as Jewel Tea. I have also heard them called something with the word autumn in it..can't remember for sure :) Between the two of us we probably have the name right..Maybe it's the Jewel Tea: Autumn Collection :)
    You are so talented and I think your art would sell as digital stamps or acrylic stamps as far as that goes. With digital stamps you wouldn't have the cost of making stamps. Maybe you or your hubby could google 'digital stamps' and get an idea of what they're selling for per image.
    My drawing and coloring skills are terrible so I've never gotten in to digital images but after seeing some of your gorgeous art, you've inspired me to give it a try. People who purchase digi stamps say they like it because they can resize the image as needed.
    I had better get off my computer. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a cough...going to bed early tonight :)

  3. Good morning Dena,
    It's beautiful here in GA too. This is my very favorite time of year!

    I just purchased some copic markers too! They are so bright and bold, they will be perfect for your art. I am using them in my journals for now, I need to learn more about them too.

    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Hi Mar....I am going to get some of those markers soon too..ehehhe!! Hi Dena it's beautiful here as well! Warm enough for the door to be open, but it's beginning to get a little dark, sun is gone...sigh..guess we'll be seeing rain later this evening...I so love visiting your blog!!!

  5. thought I would drop by after you said hi on my blog
    I've been reading lots about copics and have learned a fair bit
    googling provides so much and they videos are so helpful
    have fun learning
    tomorrow or at least by the weekend I have a bit of money so I'm going off to buy a few more---got some money for my birthday that is burning a hole in my pocket and well, what better way to spend my money then on my new hobby lol
    drop by my blog any time
    gonna have to come back often to see where your learning curve is at with your new toys

  6. I'll pop by often--glad you became a follower-will do the same--also I've started a forum for friends--every site I seemed to visit closed or is closing--so come on over and join, I'd love to have you there-it's slow starting but hopefully it will be a place for friends to drop in to and share their stuff-creations, blogs, and up and downs in life---anywho--tonight in my blog hopping I found a few neat sites if yah want drop me an email addy and I will forward them to you

  7. You are invited
    on my blog = on the side bar is a notice about the forum
    come on over and register
    it's small but growing
    invite any of your friends
    it's just a place to visit one another
    take part in challenges
    post creations
    and advertise anything you might want to sell
    and all is there for everyone is who registered

  8. Hello mommy,
    I think that it is cute that you are doing this stuff now. I am very proud of all that you and Kent have accomplished. You are supposed to say that sissi is aka piddles. Cassie is doing my hair right now as I type this. By the way what are copic markers.
    I love you all Jenny

  9. Hey Dena, great blog! Love your humility and your faith. You are so right, God is so good. He is the greatest artist!

  10. Hi Dena, thought i'd come pay you a visit to see your Sissi she is so cute we have a long hair standard aswell she looks more like a mini hyena than a chihuahua she even smiles at you when you speak to her...looks more like she's about to take your hand off...thanks for popping by my blog i look forward to seeing more off you. Take care...Lexi xxx


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