Saturday, February 13, 2010


Its our Anniversary and here's My Very Best Valentines Gifts~~~Kent and our Lil' hairy Girl Sissi when she was a wee tiny puppy this pic was taken a few yrs ago~~~ Thank You LORD for all my blessings~~~Amen & Hallelujah

Just a bit down here and not sure why, I just said that to Lisa Marie in an email. By the way Thanks for ,listening my sweet friend!!!
I sure don't mean to be sad and there is so much to be smiling about. Perhaps its the different dose of my menopausal meds???? No, perhaps its due to not having many visitors to my YAWNFUL blog??? Wait, is that another Dena word??
Theres no way of knowing the why but I'll get through again with God~~~
So far to fill all of you in, Pete( my oldest who is 30) is finally on his own in Nebraska( he left today) now with a couple friends that have went together to buy a house, he'd been living here in the basement for 2 yrs we think, since the factory where he worked was moved to Mexico.. And on a better note, HAPPILY Kent and I will be married 5 years on Valentines Day,, I am soooooo HAPPY about that for sure!!!!. Hopefully he is tooo????? WHERE SHOULD WE GO TO EAT,,thats about all we'll do and there isn't much to do in Red Oak so it'll have to be another drive to go to a nice resturant,,,how about Olive Garden??? Any ideas???
At this moment he is putting up our (his) new TV which is a little bigger than he expected me to say we could have,,so he's like a lil' boy with new toys ;0)
Kent and I spend a few times each month watchin movies, they are usually oldies but goodies and we are very choosy about what we bring in to our home, PRAISE GOD, its a wonderful life we live following Christ all the time, not only on Sundays. He has filled our lives with HIm and good things so we are careful with the shows we have on.. We feel very truly blessed and want that for all those we know.
I should be drawing and coloring or exercisng but that I'll do when Kent takes his nap, yes he loves his naps and I like to exercise. Although it may not show in my photos I do get on my eliptical every day if he is napping.

The last delivery trip was a real good one, and one of these days the trees will be bursting forth with the Easter Season's Spring green for us to enjoy as we travel along that will be a great blessing. Anyway, we really like Decorah Iowa, its just beautiful and the scenery is a bit different than here in SW Iowa. We went clear to Waukon Iowa and home again, jiggity jig. Well,however, we did fill card displays in between too. The sales were great in some areas and not so in others, the economy is hard for so many.

Now it's time to add a pic of Pete, below , there hasn't been one of him yet on my blog yet since he hates the camera on him.
Here's Pete

I'll also include a few of other things too on down in a post. Wooohooo, its snowing again too. Tell me about the weather where you are, I'd love the distraction ;0)
As it would seem that Kents still very busy trying to get the new TV and entertainment unit up, is this an all day event???? I can hear the drill while I jabber on the keyboard here upstairs, and he even read the instructions. He's just been working non-stop since we started cleaning up Pete's old room in the basement (honest, i did help some before the construction began), actually since he recoverd from his battle with H1N1, he just keeps going,as for Pete's old room, well, Kent loves a challenge ;)0
Big Iowa Hugs to all of you, and your comments are a wonderful blessing to my heart!!! Dena
"I love you LORD my strength" Psalm 18:1


  1. Hope you have a Wonderful Anniversay and Valentines Day
    always enjoy reading your posts
    yup sent you an email back too
    we are all entitled to feel down once in a while
    it's normal
    but here's a hug((((((hug))))) to help you feel better
    be good smile lots and be safe in your travels

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!
    Happy Valentine's Day too!

    I've had a few down days myself, they just happen don't they!! May God lift your spirit!!

    Hugs dear one!

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  4. Hi Dena, I pray your Valentine's and Anniversary was wonderful as I'm sure it was. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I prayed for your son.

    Sister, may I encourage you about your comment on my blog and yours about people visiting you and leaving comments; I want to encourage you not to focus on that because if people do that then you will become discouraged easily. Please focus on writing your heart in the LORD. It's not for 'people' but for the LORD that we do what we do in our lives. His word says that in all we do, do it as unto the LORD. We want people to be blessed and we do that through focusing on the LORD first and He takes care of the rest.

    You know, I wrote over a year long ago when I began blogging before one person said a thing and I wrote for JESUS and still do. He loves you and He sees your heart of sharing. Speak what He gives to you. Share your life in Him with others. They'll come as He leads dear sister--you just keep sharing your heart in Him.

    Love, prayers and hugs to you and I'm glad I found your blog not very long ago in Dec.

  5. P.s. I'm still going to do a post about the cards. I haven't forgotten to do so. They are so beautiful! thanks again and have a BLESSED DAY AND WEEK dear sister!


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