Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Sweet Friends~~~

First of all, Let me Introduce Sweet Lil' Lisa Ann she has a very specail place in my heart and is named after a wonderful woman, speaker, mentor and an Awesome follower of Christ. Hi Lisa Ann and Happy Birthday yesterday!!!!! She is so very special to my heart like many of you are since I began my blog. To read more about this amazing lady do check out her website: www.LisaShawMinistries.org
I am truly THANKFUL for each and everyone of YOU, from the bottom of my heart,you have all blessed me with your friendship!!! These eyes get all misty just thinking about it :0) and all the great comments you kindly leave for me.

Kent and I are preparing again for another delivery run to the NE part of Iowa.
Last trip the weather report was an all clear til we arrived to our hotel and listened to the next report that had changed and they had the nerve to tell us travelers to expect freezing rain... Wow, as it turned out God heard our prayers and it was clear travels all the way home the following morning.
I'm thinking the good Lord was helping us out some because He knew Kent was going to come down with,,H1N1 stuff by the time he got home and we un-loaded our over tired mini van, "Joy" we call her. Yep, she has a name too and 164,000 miles and is a 2005Now is she blessed or what I ask ??? We like to say shes part of the family after all of our delivery trips and 2 round trips to visit my old home in Cali and DISNEYLAND... We're very thankful to the Lord for keeping "Joy" going. I never expected to be jabbering on about our mini van, hope its okay with all of you.

"Kent and I" at home in the kitchen~~~

AND~~~Here goes,to go along with the photo above its also our 5th Anniversary on, of course, "Valentines Day", this Sunday... Believe it or not, I have no words to say to really describe my love for my Kent. There just either is not enough or they just do not begin to describe him and how BLESSED I am to have him and how Blessed the boys are to have him as their DAD.
They spent years without a dad, a father figure>>>looooong story for some other time I suppose, I'll just get all teared up again or more if I go into it all right now. It's like I had to hit bottom so to speak, 6 yrs ago and then God blessed me with Kent and that doesn't even say it right or enough.

Wow, for not knowing what to say I sure did run on there huh???
So we are getting to bed and I'm not sure what we'll do to celebrate our Anniversary~Valentinees Day, I am just so relieved Kent is recovering from the big bug he had..Praise the Lord!!!
So okay, I am finaly bringing this to a close, yes please do, your thinking to yourself ;0)

I'd be thrilled to hear your stories of Anniversaries, God, ministering, wonderful women, or Valentines stories, really just any topic, and natuurally art~crafts stuff like that would be most welcomed.. In fact let me hear form you if your ready for "SPRING" I'm sure we'd all agree to that!!!
So, Big Iowa Hugs and Blessings to all you sweet friends out there in Bloglands every where, near, far or in between~~~Dena
"The Lord Most High is AWESOME, the great King over all the earth." Psalm 47:2


  1. oooh My sister Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!! I pray for many more years that the Lord will bless you with! May He add more joy and love to the both of you!!!! You illustration is so sweet. I'm sure your friend is soooo very proud of it. I love the blues! It's such a sweet little character. Great work. Thanks so very much for stopping by the and encouraging me. I needed to hear your precious words. The blessing is on the both of us Amen!!!! I receive it! he he he
    Hugs to you

  2. Hi there Dena,

    First, I came over to say thank you so much for the beautiful Birthday voice mail message I received. So nicThane to see Lisa Ann over here. I've already used one card :) Thank you again for being such a blessing!!!I'll be sharing a post on my blog soon. Be safe in your travels you're about to do.

    Praying for you...Hugs and love.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (upcoming) and HAPPY VALENTINES day (upcoming) and I pray all GOD's blessings upon you and your husband in every area.

  3. Hey Dena! Happy anniversary to you and Kent (I'm so glad that he is feeling better) Thanks for stopping by and leaving me with such kind and encouraging words. I pray God keeps you safe in all your travels. God bless you and your loved ones. P.S. love the illustration! So precious!

  4. Hi Dena, Thanks for coming by my blog and your kind words....I appreciate them so much.
    Happy Anniversary to you...sounds like you have a real sweetie...
    Your blog is very inviting and gives glory to the Lord and I know that makes Him happy.
    Hugs and Blessings,


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