Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Praising God for another delivery trip!!!

And here we introduce tiny Naomi~~~

Kent and I named "Naomi" from the Bible, hope you like her. She was requested for a Chruch in Pocahontas Iowa. They just needed a few to keep on hand, Naomi is a birth announcement. You know,
"Congratulations On Your New Little Girl" ... there's a boy one like her too. His name will be "Aaron". When there is more time I really do enjoy so much the help all of you give on names for my designs. The most and bestest is when I can name them after each of my friends,THANKS all of you out there in blogvillish land!!!
We are very thankful that this delivery trip will be made in less snow cover than the last.
Thanks sooooo mucch Sweet friends of mine for all the neat heartwarming notes you've been leaving.. It sure brings me smiles...
So we'll return and it will be bitter sweet as I can see my lil Sissi, and the boys (especially Sissi,she doesn't talk back ;0) But my 30yr old is finally moving out of the basement,,thats the bitter sweet part(long long story,part of our testimony). He was gone before but we let him come back home after a huge job loss.. Its been long though and he neeeeeeds to venture out again. Yes we were rather enabling him huh??? Off he goes this weekend. He'll be close about 60 miles from us but after all we the Dream Doodlers do travel a lot.
Anyhoos,,,many of my nortes bring a tear or 2 but its good. I Praise God for each one of YOU that do.. Okay if ya have an extra travel prayer for us,,,WOOOOHOOOO, what blessings they'll be on Kent and me...Were going get home in time for the next basketball practice. I will share a story with you all about our last Basketball game sometime after we return.. Bet ya can't wait for that...Okay enough of my sarcasium....Did I even spell that right????
Big Hugs and many BLESSINGS to all of YOU~~~Dena
"His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Thy faithfulness".
Lamentations 3:22-23 KJV


  1. Sweet congratulations cards!!
    My 30 yr old was home over the weekend because he was sick!! He did not want to be alone - and there was no food in his apt! :) I thought it was sweet!!! Sometimes they just need to be home for a time!!!


  2. Hi Dena, said a prayer for your son as he ventures back out. God's hand is upon him.

    Love the new birth announcement card above. Beautiful.

    You are precious! Hugs.

  3. Hi Dena, I just wanted to thank you for the comments on my blog, I really appreciate it. I did change the template a little and the name so I hope you can still find me. Cute birth announcements!

  4. This card is cute as a button! Oh,I'm telling my age with that old saying. I have a "just turned" 30 year old too. She blesses my soul.

    Blessings today Dena,

    Lee Ann

  5. Thank you so much for stoping by Art and Soul, A big thank you for all your kind words, That card is totally adorable. Many Blessing, Sister in Faith, Deborah. I will be following you Faith filled Blog!!!

  6. Dena,
    Love Naomi and I bet Aaron is just as cute :)
    I'll remember you and Kent in my prayers this week as you travel :) Our old Iowa snowman has reared his head again and the white stuff is falling! I must admit that I find something magical and heavenly about fresh falling snow.
    Hope your son's move goes well and that this is a new and refreshing chapter in all your lives. God's BLESSINGS to all of you :)


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