Tuesday, February 16, 2010

REJOICE~~~~~~The Presence Of Jesus Christ is Everywhere~~~Praise the LORD~~~

He surrounds us, as we look to Him, He will direct our path~~~

Don't ya just feel Spring coming???
Heartfelt Thanks,to all my Special Friends for the Anniversary Wishes!!! :0)
Just have to share this, as each time Kent and I travel to make our deliveries, (and we are going again soon), wether it be local 1 day trips or those that take 2 days, there is great joy in our window time. Kent does all of the driving and I am his distraction, although I try to do it only at safe times, which means I try real hard not to say, "OH look", while we're in lots of traffic ;0), because I am always saying, "Wow, look at that, isn't God AWESOME".. And I am naturally a full blooded, yes, chatter box, it runs in the family Kent says, my family ;0)
Wow, its just coming to my attention, Kent has put up with my chatteriing and alllllll these delivery miles,, God has done it again, boy He sure knows what He is doing I say. Kent has been so Blessed with patience and a listening ear, or, Perhaps he has been blessed with selective listening, ya think????
Thankfully, as it is just beginning to feel like spring, there will be even more to gaze out at, that the LORD has created and decorated the day and night with...So, rejoice and Praise His Holy name, for all things great and small, the LORD our God created them all...Remember that all of our little blessings ( like quick dashes to Omaha for ink after running out before the task is done) that add up and become Big BLessings in our life. The old saying, its the little things, I prefer to call blessings, that mean the most, that make our hearts go pitter~pat, you know, the Awwwwwwww things !!!

So I am wishing you all lots of little blessings and even big blessings too, to cause you to REJOICE and say,,,Awwwwww, Praise God!!!... Big (((HUGS))) from me, Dena in Iowa.. Dream~Doodling our way clear to Illinois this time
May you all seek Him and feel His presence each day..Amen

This is a new design God guided me through for Spring 2010~~~
Remember Sweet Friends~~~ Your neat lil' notes make me GRIN :0) and warm my heart!!!


  1. I love your "blossom" design. It's so fresh and free.

    I'm excited because my son-in-law is helping figure out how to put one of my paintings into the making of my blog header. Your blossom reminds me somewhat of it.

    Smiles to you,
    Lee Ann

  2. Howdy Sweet Lady
    Thank you so much for dropping by my little blog.
    I really needed to come by and visit you.
    Love your post it made me feel so good .
    You really encouraged me to pause and focus on what is awesome in my life starting with God !
    Chattering runs in my family only it's just me that does all the chattering :)
    God has truly blessed me with a listenting family.
    Big Hugs for sharing your talent ,your heart and the greatness of our amazing God .
    Hugs with blessings
    Happy Trails

    Bless you and yours as you carry on .

  3. Oh Dena...
    First, travel safely :)
    Love your blossom and it makes me think of Spring. I'm so ready to see Green GRASS and little blossoms :)
    God does create the most beautiful landscapes..even in the midst of ice, freezing rain, snow, blowing, sub zero temps...undeniable beauty :)

  4. Aww, praise GOD indeed dear friend. Praying for you and come on over to my blog I just posted about the beautiful "Lisa Ann" card and all your other beautiful cards I purchased from you too. Hugs and blessings!

  5. I love your cards. You have a wonderful gift from the LORD. May you find many blessings through this gifting.

    It's nice to meet you. I come over from Lisa's blog.

    In His grace,

  6. I stopped by from Lisa's blog to say hello. I am always blessed by seeing the gifts that God has blessed others with. And He surely has given you a wonderful gift. So thankgul you're using it for His glory! Love the little girl praying that you named Lisa! Your cards look delightful! I'll be checking out your website very soon.

  7. Oh what a lovely little blossom, just like spring itself.

  8. Thank you so much for following my artbyrowena blog. I really appreciate it. I saw you said you were from Iowa well I am from Nebraska. Isn't that funny?! Anyway I will keep on checking out your super blog. Have a blessed day!


  9. Dena,
    I found your site through Lisa's. My sis' name is Dena too, spelled the same way. How cool is that?

    I LOVE all your designs. The blossom looks like a dogwood blossom, so pretty. And I LOVE the frog. So very cute!!! I heart frogs =)

    Nice to meet you.

    Have a Blessed evening,


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3