Tuesday, February 23, 2010

" Hello Everyone~~~THINK SPRING"

Now it is time to post some new images from our last delivery trip and try,(hopefully) to not ramble so much.... ;0)
But before I do (not ramble) a BIG THANK YOU to my Sweet Friends who do stop by here so often and leave me some love in there neat comments.. You all just add so much to my day, I hope I may do the same in some small way for all of you.
Even more, is the enjoyment of sharing about Our AWESOME God and the help you give on new designs and by simply encouraging me, well, Its just great !!!
God has truly blessed me with you, THANKS from my heart... Now with that being said,
I will get on with the snaps we took If they aren't real good quality you must remember it was me myself and I that took them and some were taken through the windshield... One more note... In our travels this winter we sadly saw approximately
105- cars in ditches or, rolled over in ditches, plus the 18 wheelers too of which there were about 40 something this season. Thank you LORD for keeping us safe in all our miles and for all the prayers for our safety from many of you..
So when we were blessed with the sight of Eagles it was so majestic and very impressive!!! In all we have seen 15 of the wonderful creatures on the last trip alone, actually in 1 day... God is truly "AWESOME" it was beautiful...
We want to share some of our trip with you too.
I will toss in some misc. snaps for fun.


and very important is our mini van "Joy" yes, she has a name :0)
Along with God as the pilot, we have put sooooo many miles on her..and she is still going~~~ by the way~~~ PRAISE THE LORD~~~ Amen :0)

Below is the Co-pilot my man, Kent , mapping out the trail.

The next are some of the Eagel pics, along with a few others, we hope you like them too.

This is an awesome snap we thought,finally after stopping many times :0)

These 2 were looking for snacks we think~~~

This final snap of 1 is zoomed in on, but just gorgeous, don't you think?
We were so blessed, after all our miles these last couple years, we just got the chills when we saw this one soaring.
Reminding Kent and I of Isaiah 40:31

And here is Kent and me just getting to our hotel, checking in and wouldn't ya know, were tired but HAPPY!!!
Wooohooo, do I need a makeover or what ???? Help, perhaps Kent is loosing his vision,,just kidding, it's true love and Jesus is our glue!!! Amen

This last pic on our way home is so beautiful, I love, LOVE, watching the sky and meditating on God,,, We call this snap~~~ God's Window~~~ It was breath~taking
Just another gorgeous Iowa Sunset...

Do read Isaiah 40:31


  1. Powerful Scripture and one I've meditated on for many years. Beautiful photos and sharing Dena! God bless you and Kent and all that you're doing for the Kingdom.

    Hugs and blessings!

  2. Dena as I was reading your post, I could not help but think what fun it must be to travel with your husband like you do. I am sure it may get tiring at times, but what adventures and new sites you share with each other.

    I love the pictures of the eagles, what magnificent creations they are! And the sunset, what amazing color, God is good to give us such beauty.

    And thank you for the verse, it is so very comforting to know that we are so cared for and loved.

    Blessings to you both!!


  3. Oh, they were beautiful! I can't believe you got those wonderful photos of eagles. I have never seen one in person. How they remind us of our God!

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  5. Hi Dena

    Wow!! Your pics of the eagles are truly amazing, I have never seen eagles in real life just through the tv. They are so beautiful and your pics are great. This world has such amazing beauty from it's creatures to it's stunning landscapes. So glad that your journey's are safe ones I love your photo of the sky beautiful colours, it truly must be an amazing place to live. Keep safe my friend and may god watch over all of you, speak to you soon.

    Kind Regards

    ps sorry had to delete comment spelling error reposted it now

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  7. Awesome, awesome pictures. I love birds! Blessings and thank you for sharing.

    Also have a blog at: GOD WHISPERS IN THE WIND

  8. Hi Dena! What a fabulous business you have going! I can see that God has certainly blessed you with creative talent and what a blessing to be able to sell your cards in stores!!

    I just love all your scripture badges here on your blog--I think I shall nab a few for mine and the Stampin' Sisters in Christ blog as well! Thank you so much for visiting us. We are always so happy to meet new Christian sisters and share our love of crafting and of Jesus Christ!

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    Many blessings,

    Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenges


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