Monday, March 1, 2010

March is in Like A Lamb here in Iowa

You know the old saying, "In like a Lion, out like a Lamb" or vice versa which ever the case may be. Still not sure if it holds true. Many would say it does, and others are like me perhaps, just too busy to remember how the weather started or ended in each month.
We just thank Our Heavenly Father for His beauty and His faithfulness everyday, to wake up to, good health and a warm home, safe, with an adorable husband and 3 bratty teen age boys ;0) Check them out just below in there game room from Dad, in this pic they are saying under there breath,,dont bug us mom!!!.

See they are brats and that is said with love by the way :0) we just keep lovin them and praying for them, we also read the Bible every night too. "On solid Rock we stand, Amen".
And of course I just couldn't forget my lil' hairy Chihuahua The Princess~~~ "Sissi" who waits for me no matter what. Like in my office chair,could it be she really thinks she is the boss,??? Wonder if Kent knows about that??? hehehehe ;0)

"Let everything that has breath praise the LORD" Psalm 150:6

Yes, I am very thankful, for sure, so I Praise God again !!!
How is it going with all of you??? Ready for Spring and planning any gardens yet or vacations?
For our house here, well it would seem the weeds and grass do quite well indeed.
Aside from the fact that, the days are a bit warmer and the skies have been gorgeous and blue, it is probably too early to get out the swim suits ( yeah, like I could wear 1 without scaring off my hubby, but wait he tells me I am beautiful just the way God made me, my Kent is the BEST :0) so I will confess, I did buy a neat little (not) one piece for the coming spring season, at Walmart naturally. It was over in Decorah Iowa and it was FREEZING cold outside but, after Kent and I checked into town to buy some groceries there for our hotel room to cook for each other( Kent cooks for me too), yes, I confess, I saw the beach wear,and thought, like where's the Beach here in Iowa???? I ask? Being a California girl or use to be, born and raised, but WOW now that I think of it, that was a lifetime ago wasn't it??? Yes Dena, your memory is still working, I reminded myself, you've been an Iowa girl now for more years than you'd been a Cali girl born and raised, (I was 21 when my first husband,, {way before he was diagnoised with SLE}, and my Parents moved here). So, when we Iowans, feel the warmth of more than 3o degrees for a couple days outside, thats right we "THINK SPRING" for sure!!!
We so hope your warming up and if you have snow that it is in a gentkle melt now too. Kent is a bit concerned that the snows will melt too fast and then there of course would be more chance of flooding for many people. So your in our prayers.
We are also very excited as we did our very first, paid ad on the site"We Blog Artists" it may not do much in the way of sales but it just might get some to look at our website , and hey, we are still excited to try it out, woooohooooo ,and maybe, just maybe, they'll stop by my blog and chat a bit too !!! That would be a joy and a blessing !!!

Very interested in what You think about this~~~
Tell me what you'd enjoy better,alright, silly posting of snaps from our Dream Doodlers camera or, whats new from my greeting card design table, that God guided my hand through???
I soooooooo love your comments my Friends... Do share with me, in fact, lets inspire each other with God's word and with the simple chit chat of our day, okay~~~~~
March Blessings to YOU all and your all truly appreciated,from my heart to yours~~~

BLESSINGS~PRAYERS and Big Iowa Hugs~~~Thanks for reading all of this and for being my Dear Friends ~~~Dena

Lord Jesus~lead us to those who seek You, and link our hearts together so that we may find joy in You. Then Dear Lord, help us to share Your love and goodness with one another~~~In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Amen


  1. I am happy here in Nebraska too. There was just so much snow this year that I am happy to have warm days and sunny skies, but I do relate to your husband's concerns of flooding. Like you I grew up in a warm climate in the Caribbean so I understand how 30˚ means spring . I don't have a garden yet but I hope to help my mother-in-law with her garden.

  2. Hi Dena, I want to see it all. Your photos and what you are creating!! :) You are funny, I snickered when you said "you woke up with an adorable husband and three bratty teenagers!" lol

    You asked if I had any jewelry of my paintings. I am sorry to say I do not, but I am thinking of opening up an etsy site for my paintings. I will probably offer prints and maybe some cards as well.

    Oh, speaking of Spring - it's snowing here right now!! Go figure!!! :)

  3. Hi Dena! I'm thinking spring here even though it's miserable outside.

    I'd love to hear you post about greeting card designs and what's happening with your little business. We're going to be talking about new designs coming - not at my personal blog so much but at the business blog. So I love hearing what other are doing.

    Nice seeing your nice nature photos and your children as well. Love your little puppy!

  4. Hey Dena, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such kind and encouraging comments. Yes March came in like a lamb here in Chicagoland as well. Today was sunny and 40 degrees! I am so ready to smell the sweet smell of the tree blossoms and see the green returning to the grass. God bless you and your family.

  5. Hi Dena,

    Share as the LORD leads you and I'm sure we'll all continue to be blessed. Loved the photos of your family and the dog. So cute.

    Looking forward to all GOD will do the remainder of the year in all of our lives. Can't believe we're in March already. It was just Thanksgiving and Christmas it seems like.

    Blessings to you and your family.


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3