Friday, March 26, 2010

The Beginnings of Spring Continuing~~~Woooohoooo!!!

To Begin~~~God's Glorious Sunshine

Mr.Skillsaw aka Kent Dream Doodler

IN Rememberance of~~~ The CROSS of Christ

First off the pics above are from yesterday when Kent actually ,,,FINALLY,, put up the big wood cross we had been talking of doing for a few years now. Its right smack out in the front of our house!!!! Then he made a wreath to put over it,, I am so excited, and just pray no one complaiins about it ;0) What do ya think???

Hope this finds all of you well and filled with the hope of SPRINGTIME too !!!
Thanks soooo much for all the wonderful notes and comments, you have sure brought many a smile to my semi~wrinklelee face, (that's another Dena word, oops), with your comments and its just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, wow, I always wanted to say that too!!!
Here is a pic(below) that was just done up (it's not quite finished here) for a sweet lady in New Jersey ( Hi, Janet).. She found me through my sweet friend Lisa Shaw and ordered these for a church tea (((Thanks Lisa Ann).. And WOW, was that ever a an honor..
Any of our card orders are an honor really. God has been so good to us that Kent and I totally enjoy giving back to the church. We also named it Disney, as I'd admired the Tea Pot in one of the Disney movies and wanted to try my hand at one.
There is another design also, it has flowers in its center.

Now about the future flower designs,,,Do let me know what types you all like , that will give me many more ideas too, its just feels odd tonight not having a new design done, of blossom to be sharing here.
God inspired me, the other day ( I don't always listen like I should or I'd hear Him more often myself) to do a new tulip that Kent will get scanned in soon so I can share it with you.
I know I heard Gods voice inside of me that day saying,,,(whispering is more like it), "Just pick up your pastels for these new flowers Dena and simply let yourself just, do it". And I did, I obeyed ( which I need to practice doing, like when I worry tooo much) So please let me encourage any of you to do the same~~~
When you get a still moment, yeah, I know those can be rare but if you take a breath, and are walking with Christ in spirit you may just hear His whispers too, and CREATE your own works of art or whatever the craft is your afriad to try.
Just pick up a lead pencil to start, it doesn't have to be anything costly, get a piece of paper and tune into God and believe in what he can guide you through.
And please do remind me of this also, if ever I am in doubt of creating or whatever I'm worried and fretting over at the time I blog, I'd sooo appreciate it.
Now, on with the ending, quit yawning, its almost to the end ;0)

Anyhoo's after all that being said, I had been sooooooo concerned that my yakking on about God was turning people away,it simply a need I love to share and I had stumbled over that often, like do I need 2 blogs now so i don't offend anyone??? But really, I'd rather just be Me with this one and keep sharing my heart life art and everyday with the special ladies in my life,so I am, and GOD IS with me all the way, WOOOOHOOOO.
So, Ladies,,,all of you, BIG THANK YOU's for still coming by and sharing with me as you have been. You are all becoming so dear to me, silly as it may sound, as we may never meet this side of Heaven, but you're all close to my heart, my prayers, honest, and I am very excited to come to my blog each new day and see notes waiting from all of you.
Naming all of you would be great, as your such blessing's to my everyday, but I would be afraid to accidentally leave one of you out. That would be rotten of me so you know who you are I hope and pray ...and who knows perhaps 1 day we can meet before Heaven, if not I'll see you there. Until then, have a GREAT and Blessed beginning of SPRING too, and like I said " Let me know your favorite flowers" and Mary I know 4 of yours, if there are more fill me in.

And a PS:::: PRAISE GOD,,,YES,,,our son that moved out about a month or 2 ago, has found a job!!!!!! Not sure if its full time but its getting him back out into the living life thing. Now if only he'll keep close with God,,well, then Kent and I will be RELIEVED and HAPPIER too. LOVE YA PETE !!!

Nuf of me for now~~~~Love you all and do drop me a note or 2, I so love hearing from all of you!!!
THINK SPRING~~~You're in my prayers Girlfriends~~~
"The LORD Most High is AWESOME~~~The great King over all the earth~~~Psalm 47:2


  1. Praise the Lord! I enjoyed the photos and all the best to your son and his new job!

    Hugs and love!!

  2. Hi Dena!!!
    What an AWESOME blog you have here! So glad to join here as a follower.
    Isn't God wonderful in all that he provides for us? Including new friends :)

  3. Thankful your son found a job! yay! My daughter had been out of work until just two weeks ago. She was starting to wonder if anything would open up, but God provided once again! I absolutely love the cross in your yard! It would move me deeply to drive by your neighborhood and see that there. God bless you for sharing your faith, friend. Hugs, V.

  4. PS--I'm a member of Blog Frog but can't get my photo to show up....haven't had time to figure it

  5. "my semi~wrinklelee face"

    That cracked me up.

    I'm very happy for your son. My husband just found work again and started his second week today. He loves it, so he is a much happier man. THANK GOODNESS!!! That said a lot, huh? LOL

    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And no, you were not too forward LOL I look forward to getting to know you better too.

  6. i love spring! it's my second favorite season, with fall being my first. thank you for stopping by my blog last friday. i really appreciate that!

  7. Making quick rounds this afternoon online to wish all a Happy Easter!!

    The photo of the cross above is powerful.

    I'm sure the cards blessed the church.

    Remain well and enjoy our KING this day!


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