Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A LongPost, so get out your reading glasses ;) with ~~~A BIT OF A NEW LOOK ~~~

Let me know what you think, I actually added a header pic above for a change.
Kent is busily preparing the next delivery trip,it will be soon. The art is done and he is finishing up all the last minute details. After all that is done, he'll take a nap and I'll hop onto my Eliptical type machine thingy and try to burn off a few calories.Haha~Hehe, yeah, like it'll do any good ;0)
Yeah, it's true you wouldn't know by looking at me, but yes God has let me know in many ways that as long as I can move I need to be physical everyday, cause I do so alot of sittin at my desk, plus the fact that nearly dying 6yrs ago and then coming out of it, purdy much God told me to get up and get with His program. So when my Kent gets to the napping mood, I use up energy by watching recorded shows and I do wonder at times if the LORD is ever upset with me since I really enjoy, YandR and GH,yes I confess, since God already knows (as He knows our hearts,we BELIEVE) I watch them I will not lie. They sure help me to know how wrong people are, making really bad choices like they do on the shows with all there un-real struggles the cast goes through,like DAILY isn't it, most of the time anyway, and of course the cheating that goes on. Honestly though FYI, the sleezy scenes, well, with our remote all I gotta do is fast forward. So with all that said, I have about an hour and 1/2 to get my calories burned with 2 recoreded shows, and Kent gets to re-group himself with some much needed shut eye. Especially before a delivery trip, and Praise the LORD, for fast forward, yes!!! We are truly strick with what we watch and with what channels are blocked, the men(or so they think :) in this house do love there sports channels too.
Nuf of all that on with the newest art creation, and yes, I must say that it was as though I could hear GOD telling me , "Dena, you just have never truly tried drawing a Rose , you always give up and quit,( years back), so I want you to get out your pastels and try, just see what we can do together". So Dena obeyed and, I had this one new pink Rose done, with pastels even , (that I am, for some reason normally affraid of???? weird huh???) done in about 10 minutes, so you see, with out any lessons or training , well it could not have been me, it was God, it is Him in all my art, and in our living day to day!!! And, naturally, I keep thanking Him, and I'll keep practicing the obeying part too, because as I wrote before, I believe He is telling me to do more and more flowers and Angels too. See it has come to Kent and I, that we just have a need to share about Christ,not to offend anyone but to simply be us, and if it offends anyone, I do apologize. I could not possibly have gotten where I am today with out Him meaning Christ in my life,,you know the old saying, "Been there, done that" and honestly, Kent and I have had lives with out God in them much and now with God, and We Choose the living WITH God everyday rather than the old life of, NOT so much (about 6 yrs ago). Its really a relief to just write about it now to all of YOU because, as before in my blog I would stop myself from saying very much in regards to our one~ day~ at~ a~ time, with Christ.. It's not because we think we are any better than anyone else, we have some purddy crummy days ,with the teen, wanna be men boys, and there going to regular school and all that stuff gets in the way. Plus,even though our marriage is so blessed by God, Kent and I have a few moments now and then when the enemy gets in and wants to confuse us, but we say a prayer and sometimes it takes more thatn 1 prayer :) for that matter to get through a tuff day. Our card business is not always good. Lots of times the stores we go to have moved our display racks to an area that gets no sales in the store and it can be a real struggle with that . Especially when we may go to 3 or so of our retailers and find the display moved or banged up. Then there is the case of our middle aged health ;0) those of you in the same boat, well, you get my drift. We just can't afford to be sick, right. Praise God the boys have insurance thats a big blessing. So Kent and I always remind each other at the end of a day, we are truly BLESSED. We also pray for many others, like the wonderful friends I have made though my blog.. You are all such a BLESSING to me~~~So, thanks for reading this and for sharing with me, `YOU' :0)
(((HUGS))) Dena

The Pink Rose above, is now a Mother's Day design that we are putting in our stores and on our website soon~~~ " A ROSE" what a unique name don't you agree ;0)


  1. I love your new header and your rose! I love seeing blogs where the artist has used their creations for their blog header. I did the same thing recently with my header by using one of my watercolor paintings. It really adds uniqueness to your personal blog.

  2. The header of you blog is just marvelous! I really like the rose drawing - just gorgeous.

    I believe since we are blogging about our lives, I don't think we should 'shut out' Christ, our source of strength and peace :)

    Love & peace,

  3. Dena, love your new header!!!

  4. Dena, you have such beautiful talent...love the header and rose. I know what you mean by "middle-aged health:-)...what a blessing our health is. I see we have some mutual friends!- wonderful!

    blessings on your weekend,


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