Monday, April 12, 2010

For my 2nd Blue Monday, I do pray Smiling Sally that I get it right sooner my 2nd time around~~~
This Awesome Creature from the Lord most High, was seen on 1 of our GCDT in Eastern Iowa~~~Kent and I counted 15 that morning on our way home sitting by the river near Le Claire Iowa~~~~ GCDT stands for, in case your courious, greeting card delivery trips,,we take 4 x's a month,,all over Iowa and a bit of Illinois and Minnesota too,,Lord willing :0)

Sunshine on the deck with My Sweet Lord, Kent's in the dirt and our Sissi is chewing her favorite~~~

Spring time sticks from the big tree in the back yard,,,oooh ymms for her.
I don't believe she actually eats them, she just chews them up into lil bits. Tomorrow I will try again to post for my 2nd Blue Monday..
Let's see, last week (Monday) I had it all done properly by,,ummmmm, it was about 9pm I believe, from what Sweet Smling Sally told me.
Well its when I received her email she kindly let me know that I had finally gotten my 1st Blue Monday post done right,,,hehehehe the laugh was on me. Hope this 2nd time around,I get it right sooner, we'll see come tomorrow. ;0)

Very often I'm trying to think of what brilliant topic to bring up for each new post.. Well, as I see it, how much more BRILLIANT could there be when it comes to Jesus Christ and then to add to that,He gave us yet another beautiful,stunning, GLORIOUS Sunday to REJOICE in.. I do soooo hope you're all counting your blessings too, big or little.
There are a few days where I am feeling a tad down and never get why, as I do have an awesome family, home (yes bills)grandkids, my art, our home business, and every interruption along with it, there is just so much to be HAPPY about, so what is it from, my feeling down??? Many is the time I give it to God, and yet I grab it right back again, my sad for what ever reason...So Now I want to say Love ya and THANKS again, yes again, to my sweet friends that send me lil notes of cheer, and again, it soooo warms my heart. We have been out as much as possible when we can to get the place all cleaned up from the ruff winter this area had.
Below is a snap we were able to get when visiting Pete at his new place. After that 1 the others include an Easter snap of my Mom and us and then I wrote lil notes to go with the other snaps from the deliveries we made last week, hopefully they'll be in order. We have more but I won't post them all at once.. Even though business has been slower for people purchasing our greeting cards,,Kent and I both know God is GREAT, and everything is in His timing, NOT ours :0), and its all for His purpose. It is difficult for many people in most areas in 1 way or another, and as long as we stay tuned in to God our Father,,things will work out for His glory. Most people are concerned with feeding there families and paying bills, over sending out greeting cards.. I totally get that, so we need to keep on keepin on with our Sweet Lord, no matter what, that is 1 of the important things Kent and I do, its not always as easy as it sounds either, but its just what we are about.
Now its on with the pictures and your comments, as always, make my day, or night, which ever the case may be and above all else,one random act of kindness at a time is a wonderful way to live, think and do...Anyhooooo's Ladies,,,I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I do pray you know who you are...
PS::: In my title I mentioned Kent was in the dirt,,,no not 6' under Girls,,,he is digging up some pipe work he had done under our deck and my~~~ In-a-hurry-though-WONDERFUL-man~~~, didn't empty the water out of them when the freeze was on its way this winter past. So all the plumbing he has done for our yard had bursted sometime as the snows fell.
Wow, did that make any snese???? The poor guy is on his knees re-piping and gluing, for a few hours now, excluding the trips we took to the hardware store ;0)
Yep, we will need to get out the icy-hot roll on after this for sure!!!! ;0)
I best get to bringing him some refreshments and a crying towel. He does use this as a lesson though, not just for him but the boys..If he'd have only gotten the water out of the pipes before the snows fell, ya know , the hind sight thing..
Love ya Ladies~~~Hugs from Dena in Iowa~~~And its a blessed place to be too, just gorgeous!!! LOVE&HUGS~~~Sweet Ladies~~~Your Friendship means more than I can describe~~~

Son # 1

Here (above) we are, left to right, Pete, the Mom (me and/or mama), Kent (papa), Cassie (our 3 and 1 month away from 4 yr. old granddaughter) and naturally her Lil friends Blankee and Baby are there names~~~

Finally went to see Pete, my oldest at his new home in Omaha NE ( 3 friends and himself and Tigger his cat and, there is a now a new dog named Marley too, but they aren't in the pic)..

They are still getting the house ready, it is beautiful. Hint for you guys there, PLEASE~~~ Buy a tree you 3 for the front yard okay!!! ;0)

Anyhoo's, I was sooooo happy to see him and, THANKS Son, that you posed for the pic for your silly Mommy who, soooo enjoys blogging and pics..I LOVE YOU and miss you of course Son, but you're looking well, happy and busy now too,,
Kent and I are very PROUD of you by the way,,,I am thankful to God everyday for you , you and I have been through soooo very much together, (he's 30 for all of you who did't know that)... (((HUGS))) Better stop at that, Mom here is getting misty eyed~~~

New Life on our front maple tree,, we are sooooo excited for Spring !!!

Here are a few of us at our home "Easter Dinner" my Mommy,who has endured much in her life time, Kent my BFF and Hubby plus, and myself.

This is our Sissi, enoying her time in the office window the day before our deliveries~~~

We are on our way over hill over dale we will hit the dusty trails as God keeps marchin us Dream Doodlers on~~~Kent the co-pilot ( he calls God his pilot) and me taking the snap ..Wish we could bring our Sissi along, but its so often no pets at the hotels ;0( woooo is me

Kent and I had some lovely weather this travel too, Thank You Sweet Jesus~~~I love to call these fancy wispy clouds the start of Angel wings ;0)

We're at our hotel room after our 1st day filling the display racks all over the Northern Iowa area with new Spring Card Designs. This one snap is to help all of you get the idea of just how God has blessed me with silliness'es,,I think I just made up another Dena word????

This is 1 we took of our last evening at sunset on our way home.
Just stunningly breathtaking, isn't it???

Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift~~~II Corinthians 9:15 KJV


  1. I enjoyed looking at all your pictures and your reading your post. Thanks for sharing. :) Your Sissi is adorable!!

  2. You did just fine today, Dena. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, it is great to see a fellow Iowan! I am in northeast Iowa, by Waterloo.

    Nice blue photos! Especially the eagle, I still get so excited to see one. They have made a great come back.

    Your Sissy is a little sweet heart.

    I was looking at the 365 day art cards, I find them fascinating and so wish I had the time to do one. I guess I need to just make time and try one. I would love to do a fabric one.

    Blessings to you and your family. Nice blog, I'll be back.

  4. Hello my lovely "stalker"!
    You can stalk me anytime you like!
    I love your blue sky with the beginning of angel wings!
    Enjoy the rest of your Blue Monday cause it's almost Ruby Tuesday!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  5. Hey Dena! It's PJ here! Thank you for becoming a friend and following my blog. I so love to find people with like-mindedness in love with Jesus Christ our LORD.He is so awesome to talk about! Your pictures are beautiful! I especially like the one of the sunset. "I'm a "sucker" for sunsets". I think the word sucker was only supposed to have single quotes inside of the doubles. It's been a while since I worried about punctuation. It's a good thing I'm not a writer. LOL! You've got a beautiful family and a darling pooch! We had a four-legged baby until 2003. She was 17 (almost 18) years old and passed away the day before Christmas Eve. My hubby won't let me have another pooch. He said he'd had one baby and didn't want to get attached again.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    God Bless!



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