Monday, April 5, 2010

Praising God while~~~Enjoying my 1st Blue Monday

GREETINGS~~~I am thrilled to be joining in on Blue Monday !!!

By the way, hope you all had a truly BLESSED Easter !!! This is a pic of the cross we put in our front yard. The sky was a gorgeous Bright Beautiful Blue,... The moon is a wee sliver somewhere up there too :0) Enjoy
And THANKS so much for inspiring so many of us Smiling Sally, Lisa,
Mary F., Katherine, Bevie, Cheryl, Iris, Joanne, Rowena, Maxine, Janet, RedRiter, Vicki, Susan P., Kim and last but not least, my family who stops by once in a while, (and you know you could leave me a note sometimes Dear Fam !!! ;0) And the artists that have come by too THANKS for encouraging me to keep doodling, coloring and jabbering !!!

Blue Skies over Iowa, during 1 of our greeting card delivery trips,,God truly blesses us with some awesome window time on the roads as we travel His beautiful country side~~~

Here's My Blue Angel that was totally inspired by God
she was created with eye shadows, but please, don't tell anyone ;0)

This is Angel Abbie, some how blue works best with the Angels I love to create and her BFF Angel Amy below~~~

Hope I did this okay Smiling Sally :0)


  1. Howdy Dena
    Happy Blue Monday to you sweet lady.
    What a lovely post .
    The cross was truly awesome .
    Love the blue skies ,and let us not forget there are Angels watching over us :)
    Thank you for being part of Blue Monday .
    Happy Trails

  2. Love the blue sky!

    Please come visit if you get a chance to see my blue monday

  3. Hooray! Your tenacity paid off (and your husband's help didn't hurt, either). I put your link back on Mr. Linky so that your 1st Blue Monday wouldn't be a complete bust. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

  4. Hi Dena~ What lovely drawings! I looked through your previous posts, too. I can tell that you are finding great joy in the amazing gift of drawing and creativity (like the eyeshadow angel) God has given you! He is being glorified through you!

    Thanking God for you...

  5. Beautiful Dena!!! I especially loved the praying girl. Praising the LORD for all the ways He is using your life!!

    Hugs and blessings!

  6. Very, very nice. Your angels are lovely. Blue Monday suits you well.

    Have a great day, my dear.

  7. Sweet angels!

    Thanks Dena for your sweet comment on my post today. You made me smile so big!! Thank you for always being such an encouraging person.

  8. LOvely picture of an angel and the painting looks pretty. What a creative talent.View mine here

  9. im done following you too,glad to meet vegetarian here...i'll be here always....


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