Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Pics for all of You and Happy Blue Monday Too~~~

This is a tapestry we have hanging in our entry way, wish the blues would have shown up better Smiling Sally

Just had to share this beautiful song with you (below)!!!
Not sure who sings it but at Faith Community, well, we were all swept up by it!!!
This was a Holy~Spirit~filled worship song at church on Sunday.
When you read it you may get why too. At least I hope you do,
of course , hearing it is even better,,,just AWESOME it is.
We aren't sure how they kept singing in all the emotion..

Father of life seated on Your throne of grace
Its only by Your mercy we are saved
Lord, You have said if we call upon Your name
We and our families will be saved

So we cry out Your name
El Shaddai, God of grace
Lord most high, Jesus Christ
We rely on Your grace
Adonai, crowned in praise
Lord most high, Jesus Christ

Father of love never failing to forgive
Each moment is a gift from You to live
Were only here to tell the world about Your grace
Until the day You take us all away

We will cry out on Your name
El Shaddai, God of grace
Lord most high, Jesus Christ
We rely on Your grace
Adonai, crowned in praise

It sure brought many tears Sunday morning,,,and I knew right at the time I needed to share it on my blog~~~ :0)

And in keeping with Blue Monday~~~ Here are a few cute photo's of our Granddaughter Cassie Jade picking some dandelions and tiny blue flowers that grow all over the yard, (well her lil skirt is blue, right ;0)

She was here last Monday too, just picking flowers and I wanted to capture the moments. She will be 4 years old on the 2nd of May...She's a sweetie by the way!!!
Next week or so I will post the Butterfly Card we made for her party invites.

Thanks also for the neat ideas you left for the next design for a those who are dealing with cancer.. You're very helpful and I thank you all !!!
I'd love to read how you spent your Sunday.
And BTW ~~~Thanks for the HUGS via your comments~~~
Blessings & Prayers~~~(((HUGS))) Dena


  1. Thanks for sharing, Dena. That's a lovely tapestry of Jesus. Your granddaughter is just darling. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Dena~What can I say, your grandmother is so cute! Is that red hair I spy? I have two sons with red hair and with brown, oh what I would have given to have had a red headed little girl with curly hair.:) She is precious.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Your Granddaughter is so BEAUTIFUL!

    thanks for sharing the words to that beautiful song as well.

    Blessings and hugs to you and your family dear sister in Christ!

  4. awww what a darling :) thanks for sharing this lovely song!

    u may view mine here

  5. Happy Blue Monday! Very nice blues. The words to that song are wonderful and full of praise to God. Precious granddaughter! I read your profile and no, I can't do it w/o God either. As my cuz says, I thank God for saving me from myself! Thanks, Jenn PS nice blues in your header drawing!


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