Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi Sweet Friends~~~ Do You Mind Me Asking For Help~~~

"Taking my everyday ordinary life and placing it as an offering to Him"~~~Romans 12:1 The Message Bible.

How is the start of Spring for all of you so far, suppose many of you are preparing your flower and vegie gardens, Hubby did plant some early Pumpkins and of course the traditional Mater plants, (tomato), one grape type and one beefsteak. We also decided to try our hand ( Kent planted it though) at growing an Elephant Ear foliage type thingy too.
Then there are the lovely Daisy seeds he put in an area of the front yard...But, as yet, nothing has come up. Its been GREAT, BEAUTIFUL weather here in Iowa..

Of course we are always aware that any storm can be severe , but Praise God,,so far so good :0)...
NOW~~~On with the " Do you mind me asking for HELP" question::: A few months ago I did this design~~~ Especially for those who were battling cancer...

Really, this card can be used for any type of serious illness that someone is dealing with.
Well we always create new designs for Birthday's, Anniversary, Thinking of You greeting cards. Now I need to create a new one to replace this one I am showing all of you here.
So, yes, my question to you wonderful Girlfriends is~~~ Any ideas???
Its just real difficult sometimes as I naturally do NOT want to offend any one.
Our card displays look like this: So being that they aren't as huge as our competitors displays, we are challenged to keep as good a variety in them as we are able, considering the space.
In keeping our designs fresh, lively, bright and updated its hard to always know just what the customer would like and being that we are a TOTALLY christian company we do keep our prices down and yet give good quality too. For instance, better paper and of course,,I dooooo love to add glitters now and then too, for the same price, but,,back to the question, ( oops, guess I got a little tooo jabbery again ;0)
"What would be appropriate for my next design for those battling a real tuff disease"??? Not just a get well card though, we had been asked quite a few times before doing our Angel of Hope and Faith card above, to do one for people with cancer.
Simply put, I need to come up with a new design, Ladies, should it be another Angel, or a simple one with a woman's face?
Wow,,Any advice???
I'd sure love to read your ideas, and you all know I love your comments anyway, they are all like hugs to my heart, and I do thank you for them.. Just don't be afraid to say what you feel OK...
Big Hugs and Love ya all Girlfriends~~~Dena

Also,,, Thanks over at Art Cards 365 for allowing me to join along with you FANTASTIC artists...I just need to add some pics of my own there.
Everyone is sooooo talented, God has blessed them with so very much..I am deeply honored.

"Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD" Psalm 150:6 KJV
He has blessed me more than I can even say today...HE does answer prayers, to those who seek Him first everyday. He, the Lord Jesus Christ is my every breath...
It is my prayer, you will come to know Him too~~~Amen

And here they are~~~ The Men in My life, (Well, except Pete isn't in this one.)..., doing something they do best,,eating what Dad here and are boys call "Mega Burgers' , I on the other hand do not eat meat of any kind,,yep weird your thinkin,,,its just me, for over 25 years now too.


  1. Hey Dena,
    Love the scripture (msg version) at the beginning of your post. I love reading that version.

    Also, love the picture of you men!!! That is one mighty good looking burger!!!

    Things are getting pretty busy around here - heading into prom and all the end of the year stuff. This being Meg's senior year that include graduation and a graduation party here. I am also hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner here next month.

    I really like the card above too - I am confident you will have good ideas for more.

    Good night my friend!!

  2. Hi Dena~I'm with ya, girlfriend, I don't eat meat either!! I have a hard time looking at it in the grocery store when I'm putting it in the cart for all the "men" in my life. I do better with it once it is cooked but that raw state is just gross!!
    Now on to your question, I think that I would do a card with an angel, maybe a pretty blue sky in the background like the picture you show above. I'm not artist, just a thought.
    I hope you have a great day! : )

  3. Hi Dena, Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I will stop in from time to time.

  4. Hey Dena! I love that card! I however do not have an artistic bone in my body as far as artwork. My gift from God is playing the piano or keyboard by ear. Another thing which I have fallen short in is imagination. One great thing about that, like my mom used to say I'm a lousy liar. She could see it on my face and the way I talked. The problem with that explanation is that I have trouble speaking no matter what! LOL! I get nervous all the time. I get tongue-tied even talking to my Pastor. Go figure! By the way! How much meat was in those burgers? They looked scrumptious!

    God Bless!


  5. Hi Dena,
    Love your blog. I think the elephant foilage thingy is an Elephant Ear Hosta maybe...??? I have one I just replanted. If this is what it is they are HUGE!!!! They don't need much care either. WooHoo.
    hmmm my opinion about the new card is a womans face. Perhaps something peaceful. Maybe with a flower........ butterfly. or go totally left field & put a foot kicking cancers butt!!!!
    I have a friend who is a Chaplin & she is fighting the good fight but she told me she is sick of the sappy cards.......Hope this helps....


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3