Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Blue Monday # 5 from our adventures here in Iowa

Maybe you'd like an explanation to go along with this first photo...
Kent, my most adorable hubby and I were traveling last week to deliver our cards to stores in north central Iowa and of course we keep water in the van (Joy we call her) with us.
Well, Kent was in one of his rather silly moods and said, "Here Hun,,take a picture of this for your next Blue Monday thing".. So I did and here it is, above, for all of you to see..I believe he was a bit tired after driving so many miles that day,,ya think???

My last photo is of a note that Kent suggested since he has blue post-its on his desk, I have pink ones and on it a few of the words of one of the songs we sing in Church was on my mind like, well, all week so I wrote it in Blue ink ~~~
By the way~~~Happy Blue Monday Ladies!!!
Your Notes Bring Me Smiles~~~Thanks for sharing~~~Blessings and Hugs~~~Dena


  1. Hi Dena, thanks for dropping by my blog. You flatter me and honor me with your comments. I really don't know what to tell you about getting comments. I always try to visit as many people on the Blue Monday Meme's as possible. I have fallen short lately...May is a busy month for me. I find the more you visit the other bloggers the more they will stop by to visit you. Also find that sometime the more picture stories you tell the more interest it brings. Me I'm just a big mouth anyhow and love to take pictures.
    I love you last picture the saying is so perfect and true.
    Hope you will stop by to see me more often and I am becoming a follower of yours.
    Hope you have a God filled and Blessed week

  2. Dena~The blue water bottle is a genius idea for Blue Monday!!
    Also, the blue sticky note is such a great reminder. :)
    The Tattered Tassel

  3. Isn't it special when our spouses and grandchildren (mine) start giving suggestions for posts. Love It! I think the blue bottle is very fitting. The bible verse is beautiful.
    Happy Blue Monday

  4. Your hubby's full of good ideas, Dena! Cheers to both of you!...Christine

  5. Hi, Dena! Dropping by to wish you a very Happy Blue Monday. Love that song you quoted. God is very, very GOOD! :-)

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. What novel ideas for Blue Monday!!
    Have a lovely week.
    Many Blessings - Jan

  7. I love it when my husband gets involved with Blue Monday! Your guy is a winner! Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  8. Great story about the water bottle! Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Your blue makes my heart go pitter pat. I adore it.

  10. that water sure is refreshing :) thanks always for the warm visit Dena :)

  11. Dena,
    Thanks for your kind comments, I would love to have you as a follower. Have a great evening.

  12. Hi Dena,

    thanks for visiting. I was just doing "yellow" today but I've visited a few blogs that do both blue and yellow at the same time. I've even seen some bloggers do 4 blog hops at the same time. You get a lot of traffic but generally its just people looking to augment their followers. They dont become loyal fans. Love your blue post today!


  13. I love it when the hubs gives me things to blog about. What a fun hubs you have. Love the note and that song.

  14. Hi Dena,
    It is so nice to "meet" you!
    Thanks for commenting at Hospitality Lane.

    With our home school year wrapping up and graduation on Friday I have been super busy and didn't get to many blogs yesterday. So...I am extra happy that you left a note so I could check out your sweet blog.

    Becky K.

  15. I think your hubby came up with a great idea. For me, it is rather hard to find blues. In fact, be sure you check mine out for next Monday. It is rather along these same lines, but certainly different. So pleased you stopped by. Also, I love your cards.

  16. Nice to meet you Dena.Thank you for your visit.
    Of course I'd be happy to see a lovely painting of AliƩnore if you wish.
    You are very talented.It is a delight.

    See you soon!


  17. Hi Dena, Thank you for stopping over at my blog. Thank you for putting my buttons here too. That is just so sweet of you. I can't wait to know you better. Take Care & God Bless.

  18. I was busy singing those exact words last night at a prayer meeting. How wonderful to see them before my face again today..amen amen amen Holy is the Lord Almighty!


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