Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HELLO GIRLFRIENDS !!! ~~~ Introducing Gracie Ann~~~

Since my last post for BLUE MONDAY was sooooo long, I will keep this short, ( I hope) to let you know we are back from our recent delivery trip and the LORD truly blessed us with some rain free travels, we did see many darkish clouds along our way but, His blessings were real. Some towns we do travel to are a bit more depressed with the economy the way it is than others. Praise God for He is always AWESOME..
We will just continue praying for the whole situation for the entire country.
And of course the Whole World, after all, HE's got the whole world in His Hands :0)

Now a THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help and advice on my latest card design for those who have a serious disease, such as cancer and the list could go on. You were all in agfreement as to wings or no wings on the design i had shown you last.
She is just below this bit of rambling ;0)
As I was working on Gracie Ann, God gave me the idea for another new design also.
It is sketched and waiting for the colors to be added..

I didn't receive but 2 addresses that would allow me to send out cards to my super blogging friends, so that request still stands. If you feel you can trust me {:0) with your snail~mail address, send me an email and it will be my pleasure to send you a card now and then. Sounds like fun to me.. I'd soooo enjoy reading about your Mother's Day / adventures !!! {:0)
My email is here or in my profile/about me section.
I do hope to hear from you. Again~~~THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP SUGGESTIONS
and for just simply, being YOU and leaving the helpful warm comments..
With my LOVE&HUGS Girlfriend's~~~

"Seek the LORD and HIS strength; Seek HIS face continually."
l Chronicles 16:11


  1. she is lovely. perfect colors!

  2. Hello, nice to meet you. Loved the drawing. I have always loved the images of hands. A thought of resting in GOD hands is one for you. Years ago I did a model of me in Gods hands. Literally.
    Another image created in clay for self acceptance was done. It was I as child hovered over by I as adult. As a mother would shelter a child in a war or storm. Very moving image for recovery healing.
    Some food for thought.
    Stop by any time. I look forward to learning more about your heart.

  3. HI Deena,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your cards. I'm a new follower and I will come back for a visit. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I enjoyed seeing so many cute cards. You are very talented and so creative. I love cards and send them all the time. In fact, I probably own stock in Hallmark, but they do not know it.

  5. Dena,
    She's just beautiful! So soft and serene!

  6. Wow- what a wonderful talent you have! I love your work- really lovely! Thanks so much for the follow- I am following you back- I'm your 75th follower! Yay- a milestone!

    What a lovely uplifting blog you have! Hope to see more of you!


  7. THANK YOU for your visit and your encouragement!!!!!

  8. Oh my! The colors are simply beautiful. How can it be both vibrant and ethereal at the same time? You can feel the love and the spirit of God in this simple, yet powerful illustration.

    Bravo to you, my dear!

    P.S. I will email you my snail mail address.

  9. Hi Sis,
    It this card still available? a beautiful reminder of prayer.

    Hugz Lorie


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