Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here it is~~~BLUE MONDAY and a Recipe to share with My Friends~~~

How was Mothers Day for all of you? It was SPECIAL here at our house after an AWESOME time at Church,,,(it was GREAT in fact) with my Hubby,Jacob, Tommy, Billy and my oldest, Pete was here too. Woooohoooo!!!
He bought himself an older 87 Buick Le a place nearby and stayed all weekend here at home. We then went to a Pizza Ranch for our Moms and came back home and I actually felt God (and Kent), telling me to finish the new card design for cancer/disease ( how do I say that and sound ok???).
So its now done, I will show all those pics in a later blog post because right now, along with the BLUE pics I have been asked to share the cake mix, oatmeal, cookie bar recipe with you by a couple Sweet new Girlfriends...
I do soooo cherish you all BTW !!! Think I'd feel a bit lost without you in my life now.(( I am sure I would))..
I love sharing our AWESOME God and life with all of you!!!
And THANK YOU Lisa Shaw for your notes and email..Sally too, and of course,,Ann again and PJ..Then there is Red Riter "Sherry", Vicki, Mimi, Joanne,Mary F,Simply Debbie,Andra Johnson,Iris,Cheryl Pastor,Bernadine,Maxine and WOW, soooooo many more of you that I am BLESSED to call my friends~~~THANKS..

OK, what was I going to say and show all of you again,,,Oh, thats right pics and a recipe coming right up~~~

#1~ Gods Gorgeous BLUE Sky, looks like wispy angel wings are forming in it,,well, it does in Dena's world ;0)

#2~~~My Sissi in her BLUE office recliner ;0) Think she felt a bit left out for a while today~~~

#3~ My old Cookie jar from my Mommy from my childhood,,,who stole the cookie from the cookie jar days,,(yep, it woulda been me) and right with her is the finished recipe, not sure what to call them either as yet, but Tommy said they were YUMMIFUL to him. So I hide them til we went to Moms today ;0)

#4~ Now for the recipe,,,should I have put this as #1????? Anyhoo's, if you try your hand at making them and do not like them PLEASE DON'T hate me OK???

Oaty Cake Mix Cookie Bars as follows:::0) Grab a large mixing bow1 for this and I use a large fork not a mixer,its your preference. Heat oven to 350 and
Mix together~~~

1 Cake mix (any brand really and any flavor, I used white this time)
1+1/2 Cup of Oatmeal ( I used old fashioned )
2 Eggs
1/2 Cup Canola Oil
1/2 to 2/3 Cup of water
Idea~~~Add some chocolate chips or other flavor'd chips into the mix :0) YUM my boys say!

Stir all ingredents til well blended and spread onto a 15x10 inch cookie sheet/baking sheet ~ I like to line mine with waxed paper. Then they come right off after cooling for a bit. Spread it out with lg. spatula ( the kind you use to get Mayo out of the jar, ( you can use your hands if you use less water in the mix and spray cooking spray on your hands so the dough won't stick so bad to your fingers) ;0)...
Place the sheet in oven for 10-13 minutes.. DO NOT COOK them for 20 like last time I made hers~~~ ;0) Yep, they will come out a bit too done and it made them more dry after baking.
Then I use a pizza cutter to cut them into bars about 2x2 inches, or how ever big you want them.
You could even spread icing on them if you want, before cutting naturally. Of course,,the men ( wanna be men) in my life LOVE the icing. You know the kind, ready to spread type any brand for that too.

Being that we have many to feed in our house and I do NOT eat them at all, HONEST..In fact right now I am just not eating for about a month now ( long story) but I do still do all the cooking here and I am the chief cook and bottle washer. Except Kent loving put in a dish washer 4 years ago, PRAISE the LORD!!!
Here's a note~~~ These would work out great I thought, after I baked the last batch for Mom, use muffin/cupcake papers, and pans to put the batter in 1/2 full.
I would think they would come out real nice. You'd have to vary the time too.

So Girlfriends,,theres the WHOLE recipe plus a few added points to ponder.
Hope I didn't lose you 1/2 way through .

THANKS for asking about it and do let me know how they turn out if you have a chance to bake up a batch, alright.
Thanks Pillsbury DoBoy and ESPECIALLY~~~MY Sweet LORD for the fact that I have NOT exploded the oven or house in all my cooking experiments so far ;0)

Come back again if you lived through this post and I'll have some new designs up to show , tthere are 4 or more to post and the pics from Mom's day too.
(((HUGS))) Dena

"Be strong and take heart all you who hope in the LORD" Psalms 31:24


  1. Thanks for the BLUE recipe, Dena. Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Dena~ First let me say that your Sissi is just the cutest little dog. I love it when you post pictures of her. It always makes me smile.:)
    Thanks so much for posting the recipe. I am going to give them a try today, as a matter of fact, in about 15 minutes!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  3. Beautiful blue sky! Sissi looks very sweet & that is a cool cookie jar !

  4. hi Dena :) thanks for the follow! now your follower! ;) im feeling much better now, thanks to the pain killers every 6hrs :( yeah.. join us on wordless wednesday..
    - (this is running the whole week)
    - (this is every wednesday)
    - (this is for wordful wednesday)

    see yah ;)

  5. The cookie bars look yummy, Dena. Thanks for the recipe. Don't worry about not having to many comments yet, Dena. You will, eventually. Just keep commenting on others blogs and it will spread your blog. Thanks for coming by...Christine


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