Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Snaps/Pics for another BLUE MONDAY~~~

Hello and "HAPPY BLUE MONDAY"!!! Soooo glad you stopped by my blog from Smiling Sally's..
I think its fabulous that she does this for all of us, don't you?
And a BIG THANK YOU to my SUPER~WONDERFUL Girlfriends for leaving me your AWESOME comments on my last post!!! It means more to me than I can say!!! If I knew how to do a giveaway, I am sure I would be giving one sometime.

This 1st snap is a sneek peek of a design I was working on for our next sympathy card for retailers in Iowa etc. When I saw that the BLUE came out nice, well,
it made snese to add it with the others for BLUE MONDAY...Don't be afraid to let me know what you think of it, OK.

Silly one #1~~~ Mom sent home a couple boxes of cake mix so her GREAT daughter (me,hehehe) can whip her up some ckae mix oatmeal cookie bars ,,,YUM. Of course they willall be for her and her swwet tooth.
Gotta love it,,she is soon to be 80 and it is starting to show ;0)
So as I was thinking of BLUE for Sweet Smiling Sally, well, I saw this box and
Snap went the digital camera thing, picture taken.

Silly pic #2~~~ Taken from our back porch, kind of upside downish over the roof of our house, oh, I was standing on the porch~~~It sounds as though my back should hurt after that description I gave all of you huh? I'm even confussed by it ;0)
God sure knows ho to decorate each day, doesn't He?

"Taking my everyday ordinary life and placing it as an offering to HIM".
Romans 12:1 The Message Bible
A beautiful suncatcher from my Hubbs that hangs over the kitchen sink,
its a wonder it is still in one piece after all, we have some loud meals going on with all the boys here ;0)

Thanks for joining me here,do come by again, on any day, not only on BLUE MONDAYS...(((HUGS))) Dena


  1. Your life is full of blues, Dena. How fortunate you are to still have your mother to hug.

    Think about doing another post (perhaps for next Monday) showing us how to make those cake oatmeal bars, with the blue package in the background, of course! Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Glad you picked Blue Monday. You have a nice variety of blues and really enjoyed your post. Drop by my old place if you like. I love visitors.

  3. Love that drawing/painting...just beautiful. YOu are so talented. Those oatmeal cake bars sound wonderful. Gorgeous blue skies too. We had those today too.

  4. the drawing is awesome! :) and the skies, perfect for BM :)

    u may view mine here

  5. I really like your painting and your collection of blue things :-)

  6. Hi! I haven't been over for a while and I see you're still doing beautiful things. Yes, Godis the best artist (even though you do quite well from what I can see). Keep taking good care of your mama!

    Hope all continues to go well and the Lord's blessing to your family.

  7. Hi Dena~What wonderful blue pictures, even that box of cake mix!! Those cookie bars sound great. Would you share the recipe??
    Hope you are having a wonderful week in Iowa. :)
    The Tattered Tassel


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