Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sooooooo Very Happy You're Visiting With Me on My 9th BLUE MONDAY Sweeties~~~Would it Be So Terrible To Ask????

Hello All,,,Blessings to You Sweet Smiling Sally and to everyone of YOU
I simply LOVE all of you for stopping by today~~~It ALWAYS means sooooo much to me!!!

Here is the BLUE shot that Kent just had to turn off the road to take in our recent delivery travels,,,just for Smiling Sally's BLUE MONDAY ;0)
The Blue Iris Floral and Spa shop in Northern Iowa....
It even had BLUE awnings Sally ;0) I also have a question below for my Marvelous Friends to read, just after Sissi's pic.....Hence the opening sentence of~~~
Is it so terrible to ask????

Sissi and I were just wondering????

Wow,,,It seems like months since I was here jabbering at all of you Sweet Girlfriends....With the Fam here for a week, (and it was GREAT BTW) and then as soon as they headed out west again Kent and I and of course the Super "JOY" our mini van, took off for northern Iowa to deliver greeting cards...I soooooo MISSED being here, isn't that odd, or is it not???? This blogging with all of YOU is just simply a JOY of its own and, I soooooo know in my heart of hearts that it is from God too, can I get an Amen to that Girlfriends????
Anyhoo's before I get to involved here , would it be so terrible to get all of you that have so kindly sent me an email with your addy's in it, to also send me another email sharing with me your Birth Dates ??? No Sweeties, its not necessary to tell me your Birth Yr, so no worries,,,I would just like to also snail mail you a Birthday Card too. That's just How Very Much I consider you all such WONDERFUL FRIENDS too. Just drop me a note and I sure hope I have not missed any ones as yet...

BTW~~~Here is Fred Flamingo Sayin' GREETINGS To My Sweet Friends
Hey Sally, his shades are a type of BLUE too, aren't they????

Okay so enough of my chatter...I PRAY all is well with you,in a few days I plan on adding some pics of when my Brother and Niece from when they were here...It got a bit crazy with so many in the house at once and then of course our boys, well thay are just that, BOYS,,, WOW,,,and my daughter and her the kids were here alot too,I'm sure many of you get what I am meaning ;0)
So, I leave you with this:
"Thanks be unto God for HIS unspeakable Gift" ll Corinthians 9:15 KJV

WISHING YOU ALL PINK ROSES OF A DAY~~~Blessings and Big Hugs from Dena in Iowa
Oh, BTW my email again is
HUGS !!!


  1. YOur puppy is so cute. I love that face. The rose is gorgeous too. Wow. glad you are back.

  2. Hey sugar :)
    I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours :)
    DECEMBER 19!!!
    Sounds like your house was filled with LOTS of love :)

  3. Your just so cute. October 3rd!
    Thanks for my card :)

  4. Dena, you were so nice to think of me by sending a sweet card. I received it last week, but have been trying to figure out for sure which of my blogging friends you truly were. You threw me with your address and then it was mail from another state. I was so surprised and pleased you thought of me. Thank you ever so much. Also, I was gone over Saturday so I am late on Pink Saturday comments. I loved your rose and cute little "Sissi".

  5. AMEN!!! same here, glad to hear from u again! that puppy is such a cutie! :) wait for my email :)


  6. Cute puppy! Happy Blue Monday!

  7. So cute, your dog!
    Happy BM!

  8. I love that Blue Building! It sure catches the eye. Now, about mailing a card ... that's make me feel guilty when I forget to mail you one, and I forget to mail so many birthday cards already ... well, you understand, don't you? Happy Blue Monday, Dena.

  9. Fun post and I love the pink flamingo with the blue glassesCome by and visit when you get the time. Debbie

  10. Such a sweet,sweet puppy..and Fred Flamingo is just adorable. Wishing you all a Happy Blue Monday and a wonderful week.

  11. Great Blues!!! My favorite pic of that sweet puppy and Fred the Flamingo is so adorable!! Happy Blue Monday.

  12. You are just a Sweetie, Weetie. I love the pics, especially of your cute pup and Mr. Fred Flamingo. He just the coolest. I have a little something headed your way to show MY appreciation for YOU!

    I will certainly drop you a line with my BD.

    Have a great Blue Monday evening!

  13. Hi Dena, I love Fred the Flamingo, and I have seen him up close and personal!! :) It is such a cute card!! Thank you!!!!

    My DOB 6-27-56.

    Oh, that picture of the rose if beautiful!!

  14. Dena, it is just me a gain. Wanted to let you know I have an award for you.

  15. thanks once again for stopping to visit me, I do so understand how teenage boys can eat you out of house and home, I'm pretty sure my 17 year old is bak to eating every three hours, just like he did as an infant!

  16. G'morning and thanks so much for stopping by.

    I love your blues...especially the glasses on Fred!! :)

    Have a wonderful day..

  17. The glasses on the flamingo are great! I love your puppy and the rose photo, beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I love finding new bloggy friends!


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