Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Another Cup Of Coffee With GOD and My Sweet Friends"

"Reveling in HIS Presence"

This image came to me through an email from a church site a time back and it just felt so perfect to use to help describe/show how I feel when I allow the Presence of Jesus to envelope me in His arms..It is my hope that you will take a few moments in your busy day and allow His Presence to wrap around you, like a HUG from Him, our ALL knowing, ALL Magnificent Omni Present Father....That in all the hectic confusion of each day we can go to HIM in stillness,prayer, His Word and or in our thoughts and just feel His arms around us.
So along with my cup of just brewed Decaf Coffee (its night time here) and my Most AWESOME GOD and You Sweet Friends , I remain as
I love to feel His presence and linger there...Of course I toast to Him as I sip my coffee and think on the beautiful day He gave us, no matter how crazy the boys were ( or is that are?).

Jacob, Tommy and Billy, he is the one out of the pool getting the ball for his big brothers~Smile for Mom guys, come on!!! Do you think they'd stop and smile for me??? No !!!
(They are bratty at times I admit that)

I was at Joanne's blog a bit earlier, "Blessed" I think is the name of it, and she had a really GREAT post. Also LV gave me an award and I THANK her for her wonderful heart and kindness for that. Plus there is a Awesome artist/illustrator, Cheryl Lynn Pastor of Shout Out Loud that I have been soooo blessed to know, who is yet another one of God's Sweet Blessings in my life, like, well, soooooo many of you are !!! I am thankful every time I get up and get my work done soon enough that I can come start on my day arting and blogging.
Come to think of it, I have done VERY little in the way of arting of late.. And I must hop~to~it on some new designing, the Hubb's would agree with that for sure!!!
Kent is doing the finishing up of our next card delivery. I asked him if I could help him fold them all ( there is like a pazillion,1260 there abouts) and he says no,
I am the chief greeting card folder now..So I am able to reflect and jabber at you all through this. I will also add a few of the pics we took when my Brother was here and some of the hectic~ness'es. Keep in mind not everyone was always around when I wanted to snap a few :0(

1st Above~ They arrived on Memorial Day, that was really cool for me, and went to the cemetery first thing to see Daddy's grave and my late Hubby's, he's been gone 14 yrs , my Dad 26. They here decorate all the way around our cemetery with flags and it is soooo awesome. Never saw that growing up in So. California ????

#2 Above~ Then I made my Brother Wes start cooking almost immediately the pizza's,and would he smile for his little sister, NO!!! He's kind of bratty too, guess it runs in the family ;0)

#3 Above~ Kent and I rushed to get Mom so she could hang out,,wow was she surprised they were here!!! I think in this pic she was telling me I needed to dust or something ??

#4 Above~ Kent had to get into the pool and clean it up after the boys and before the spring storm hit .

#5 Above~ Then we all got in~~~Wooooohoooo, Mom sat on the patio, she is still a smoker and did her thing while listening to us..She sure loved her Pineapple Crush soda ;0)

#6 Above~My 2 oldest here Pete and Jenny,,they had to pose for me or they'd have been sooooo grounded!!!

#7 Above~ And then I just had to rush us girl's together, rarely do I have this many girl's in the house with me, so yeah, it was a kodak moment for sure!!!

#8 Above~ This is the last pic for this post,,finally, i know...Here us ladies are from left to right, Mom, Cindy my niece, Me, the wacky one,and Jenny with Cassie, my Beautiful daughter and granddaughter...

Now that all said, this was only, yes only day 1....Each day after was just about as full as the day before. Mom soooo had a work out with us picking her up climbing the stairs into our house and then going back down them for her trip back home. I know in my heart though that she was real happy and everyone had a nice but hectic time...
NOW KENT and I NEED A VACATION,,,so we will get back to work,,,The Dream Doodlers
are off and running deliveries again...It will feel like a vacation after all that excitement..GOD is truly AMAZING !!! Naturally
Hope you enjoyed the silly pics and there are more for some other time..

Love Ya Sweet Friends and do come back again, I cherish the notes and Hugs you leave through them !!! I'll be posting a new design soon.Would there be any interest in reading my venting on how I lost weight??? There is one to ponder ;0)
Please,Share with me YOUR SUMMER too !!!
BLESSING and HUGS from Me to You,,,my heart to yours~~~Dena

"We have shared together the blessings of GOD" Philippians 1:7


  1. Aww, the blessing of family times/moments are priceless! Wonderful photos!

    Blessings and hugs!!

  2. Oh my goodness, look at all the fun you had.
    So happy that you are happy. Family is the best. The pool looks refreshing. God Bless.

  3. So good to see families enjoying the summer together.
    We have bunkered down now for the winter. No snow here, but it's still cold and frosty Aussie mornings.
    Dorothy :)


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