Sunday, June 20, 2010

Its BLUE MONDAY # 9~~~Greetings Sweet Friends~~~HAPPY BLUE MONDAY

Hello and WELCOME~~~I'm joining in with many other GREAT Ladies and perhaps a few men folk at Smiling Sally's fun and fabulous BLUE MONDAY !!!

This is just a HELLO Pic of silly me saying "Hi" to all of you and even though it was odd for me to do this (although if you knew me a tad better you'd know I was a bit silly like, OFTEN) it was taken when Kent and I left for our delivery trip last week and as we hit the dusty trail to start our trip I just had to say "Hi" and thinking of all of you even when we are away !!! As you can see I am not very well prepared, I forgot to wipe off the makeup mirror before snapping this pic,,,oooops
I believe there is a hint of BLUE in the seat belts?????

In this pic here I wanted to share some pics of a few Beautiful,Touching and Awesome gifts I have received through the mail these past few weeks.
I am almost, yes, almost without words for just how AMAZING all of you ladies are to me,,,I feel extremely BLESSED by each one of you and your kindnesses.

From left to right~~~The Sweet card with the 2 friends on it was from Terry at Lady Liberty Patriot's Blog,,,she is going through some rough times of late so this of course means soooo much to me. The next were some roses from my Adorable Hubb's today from our garden. Then there is the Marvelous gorgeous Card from a real neat Artist who's doing fabulous in her own line of greeting cards now,,,Cheryl from Shout Out Loud,these new designs are from her line called, "A Well Dressed Woman" and she was wonderful enough to send the first one to me !!! WOW !!!
and then there is the Lovable Happy Bunny nestling on beautiful ribbons from Sweet Ann from The Tattered Tassel,,,she is now getting all moved in to her and her Hubb's new place so she must be super busy too. And I didn't want to leave out Debby from Just Breathe,,,who sent me one of her most gracious handkerchiefs a while back,,it is so precious,,,THANKS all of you Sweet Ladies,,,I just cherish my Blogging Friends soooo very much!!!

Then there is this one Kent my Hubby wanted me to take of a gift he received for Father's Day,,,his favorite of all time team naturally, he's from Iowa,,and please NOTICE the bright BLUE Bow ..It was from my our daughter Jenny and her family.

Then last but most importantly,,,this ONE above..We pass by it many times in our travels and the sky was a pretty blue ,enough of a BLUE for BLUE MONDAY don't ya think????
This sign brings us SMILES every time we see it in Grandview Iowa as we get off one Hwy and onto another,, and it still stands there in the middle of nowhere, all but for one gas station across the road from it..
The only thing about it that makes sense to Kent and I is the fact the it stands for JESUS,,,The Reason for EVERY Season and for each breath we take and for the BLUE sky's we were BLESSED to travel in for most of our trip anyway,and for the spectacular sky's we had for our way home. Those I will post soon also.

So, Toot~a~loo for now Sweet Friends !!!
Blessings and Hugs to each and everyone of You for stopping by and leaving your Awesome notes of friendship!!!


  1. Happy Blue Monday... and I love the "blue" you caught in your mirror shot! Also enoyed seeing all of your blueness!


    Sheila :-)

  2. How wonderful! Definitely my favorite is the last one.
    Happy Blue Monday.
    Have a blessed week.

    " R e g i n a "

  3. Yes enough blue I think :)

  4. I love your views of blue, Dena. The Jesus sign would bring a smile to many.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  5. loved the open space...
    beautiful blue sky.

  6. Very pretty vignette of "beautiful, touching and awesome mail gifts." I love the bunny tassel! Happy Blue Monday... Karen

  7. Love it that we can in this country STILL proclaim the name of JESUS on a road sign. Glorious.

  8. That is pretty blue, I don't see gray clouds. Happy Monday!

    Anything Blue

  9. I love the sky shot too! Happy Blue Monday.

    I played too. Mine is here.

  10. Thank you for the mention, I appreciate it.
    I see the blue....and Jesus is the reason for every season. Have a great week.

  11. Awwww, thanks for the pictures on your blue Monday. Great gifts you received. Blessings.

  12. wow congratulations Dena! you truly deserved all those cards! I think I got your card already, though I havent seen it yet. Just got a message from hubby that a card arrived at home. I am not yet at home, but cant wait to see it. Thanks much!!!

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  14. YOU are such a Sweetie! That's a lovely picture of your gifts. I'm so glad you like your card. I just had to send you something to express how much I appreciate your friendship. I have your wonderful card with the fabulous Fred Flamingo sitting on top of my TV set for all the world to see when they visit my abode. Thank you for visiting me over at POSITIVELY LOVELY! I am very excited about this new venture of mine and am so happy you've decided to come along for the ride.



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