Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Wishing My Sweet Friends~~~~

"A Truly Joyous Day in Your Walk With Jesus"

I find sights like these so beautiful somehow..This is a Hwy here in Iowa,,I should have asked my Hubb's where it was, but that really isn't important
In Kent and my travels,I see so much of Gods AMAZING creations and I sooooo often think of the wonderful Awesome Women I am BLESSED with getting to know in blogland..
I also wonder how to do a give~away for my 1st blog-aversary thing in October.
Could I use a dozen of our greeting cards as the gift????
Then I reflect more on all of the many ways God has blessed Kent and I once we began really walking with HIM.. WOW,,just doesn't even fit..you know what I mean???

Anyway,,, here is another song I wanted to share the lyrics of with all of you.
May it bless you as it does me:::


One Thing we ask of You
One thing that we desire
That as we worship You
Lord, come and change our lives
Arise, Arise, Arise, Arise

Arise, take Your place
Be enthroned on our praise
Arise, King of kings
Holy God, as we sing
Arise, Arise, Arise, Arise

We lift You up
We lift You up on our praises ~~~~~

The above pic was taken at the beginning of a storm that we passed while in our travels through Iowa during last weeks card deliveries. It was quite a show from God Next time I post I want to share with you the rest of the pics,,they to me anyway, were so majestic, we were/are very touched by the Hand of God Himself and hopefully you will see just how when I post them...
You know,,you just had to be there ...

Also if any of you agree with a dozen of our greeting cards or have other ideas of what I could use as my blog-aversary give-away thingy, and if you could take a few moments to explain just how to do one,,,Well, I would be relieved and it would be appreciated of course..Your thoughts as always are WELCOMED .
I soooo cherish my New Friends who share with me in there walk with Jesus


  1. I just love the sky. Thank you for all the
    wonderful inspiration in your post. I think your cards would be a great gift.

  2. beautiful pics...thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Lovely pictures! Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the close up in the car. Very cool. Love the song too.

  5. Hey girl.
    I'm just getting around to do some visiting, and I'm enjoying strolling through 2 of your blogs so far. Wonderful pictures, and thoughts of Him.

    Thanks for coming by my place. I'm glad you enjoy the little bleeps I put on my "Morning Walk With God".

    Getting to know each other will be fun.

    blessings in Him
    barbara jean


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From the rising of the sun to its setting let the name of the LORD be praised~~~Psalm 113:3