Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Could You Sweet Friends~~~Spare A Prayer ~~~

For the last few nights I have woke up between 5 and 6:30 freezing and somewhat feverish to begin and then as it progresses, Kent is still asleep and while trying to move I grow even colder and shake violently,,uncontrollably,,,
it is frightening!!!
As I try to breathe and NOT get panicky it gets worse.. I do try to kick the enemy out and ask Jesus to hold me tightly and get me through and He does..
Praising Him for that... I am burning up before it is over... It has happened 3 nights in a row and 2 of those nights I have woke my Hubb's up and this whole ordeal takes 30 minutes or so...We just don't get it.. He thinks it is the way I eat now,,or the lack of or was it bad eggs ??? I have them for protein and there was the EGG SCARE all over the news and I eat an egg each day( I do not eat meat or peanut butter for protein I eat eggs.. Of course we now by egg lands best but I have not prepared any of late... We just don't know if I got a bug from somewhere as the boys and grand kids have NOT had any illness to share with us recently..
And without health insurance well, I can't just go to our doctor just anytime... Like I said,,I pray through it,,, sometimes the words don't get out right because I am shaking soooo much and,,, of course,,, if Kent does wake up he prays with me too
but now,,, as the night approaches I become more concerned you know the old worry bug strikes and I am affraid of "Will it happen again tonight"???
So I ask for a prayer or two from my wonderful Sisters in Christ,,,it is 8:49 right now and dark.. I sooooo know there are many many more people that need prayers too
and for much more serious issues.. And I will HapPiLy send up prayers for anyone that asks.. There is Much POWER through Prayer,,,this I steadfastly Believe !!!
In case you wonder ,,,I do feel a bit of a fever during the day too,,and Kent is telling me to at least eat more yogurt (which I LOVE ) and I just do not see how it
is from my diet,,I have been on it for 6 months now and I'm certainly NOT starving..
Its just a new way of eating now. No chips no fat no salad dressing,,I DO Love salads Girlfriends..I am feeling a tad over warm even now...So I will quit the Jabbering and say Praise God because He is Always Great and Always Knowing ,,,and soooo gets me!!! Thanks with all my heart for reading this..There are more pics below this...
I Love You You Awesome Sisters in Christ~~~ Gods Blessings To All and Hugs from me to You~~~Dena

This was taken Monday at noon when we went to pick up Cassie our grand daughter at her 1st day of pre~school,,,About the pic,,not real sure why Kent had me pose with her for it,,,BUT,,,I was happy to,,naturally...
The teacher told us that Cassie was very brave and wrapped up her "Baby",,,
thats its real name too Girlfriends,,
anyhoo's she tucked her in a blankie and placed "Baby" in a cubby spot for the entire class time.... See,,, Cassie rarely gives up "Baby" or blankie :0)

Ok,,since I have already told you Sweet Friends that Jacob and Tommy are in high school football,,I figured it was about time I included a few pics of the scrimmage
they has here last Friday... This is Jacob our 17 yr old( and also the one who has the girls wanting to talk to him) wait a minute~~~
"I thought we had said No girls til you're 30"!!! Kind of ;0) teasing of course..
I could take time to tell you of a girl he so sweetly ((and that's not him at all)
asked if he could have over...She was a cutie and WOW were Kent and I shocked at what movies the parents let them rent now days!!! I mean NO it was NOT Nudity but come on,,,the LORDS name was used as a cuss word 11 times and the F word was at least a hundred no exaggeration,,, we looked it up at our christian reviews online...maybe we are prudish but,,,I am very proud if we are :0) And Praising God for it I will add!!!
So we told Jacob "No More unless we approve of the movie way ahead of time" if you want to do this again... Are ya with me Girlfriends??? We had thought they were going to play the Wii and Billy and Tommy were with them in the game room downstairs..

And this is Tommy the #73 I hope you can see,,, our 15 yr old,,, defensive lineman we are very proud of both of them and we pray every night (( Sweet Mimi @ He and Me+3 thats means you too)) for the safety of kids all over who are in sports or are alone~~~ But,,, Tommy now,,, he prefers to stay OUT of trouble,,but YES we have caught him in a few situations with,,,guess who~~~Jacob :0)
I am the 1st to admit we are FAR from perfect and YES the boys need to be captured by the Holy Spirit...Which is why we are sooo walking with God```Kent and I were captured by the Holy Spirit,,,and our lives have been spent following Him in everyway,,,ever since... Thank YOU Jesus!!!

This Lil Squirrel was eating the snacks we put out and uses our deck flike a jungle gym,,,so it really look hilarious when it plopped down for a rest out of no where

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." (Phil. 4:6-7)


  1. Praying for you my sweet friend. My your body come into alignment with it's Creator. I hope you are feeling much better and rested tomorrow!

  2. Prayers for health and peaceful sleep to you my Christian sister.

    I love the pictures! Thank you for sharing them!


  3. Hi Dena,
    Of course I'll pray for you. May you soon be feeling much better.:o)
    Love the pictures of your family! Good action shots of the boys.
    The Tattered Tassel

  4. Hey Dena! I hope you are feeling better today. I will pray for you just in case. You yourself knows that God is the "Great Physician. There is no problem or sickness that He cannot handle. I remind you of the verse in John ( 15:7)which says, "If ye abide in Me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Father in Heaven, I ask that you speak the words to heal this precious Child of God. You spoke the healing words many times and by faith, people were healed. As it was then, so it is now, because You are the same yesterday, today and forever. Your Word shall Never Pass Away. You are the Great Physician. I rebuke this illness in the NAME OF JESUS and ask you to fill this precious lady's body with your love and healing power. Send it raging through her body cleansing it from every foreign thing that is not of God. I praise You and Give You the Glory for this healing. Stepping out in Faith according to the Sword of Truth, the Word of God against all flesh and principalities, in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

    God Bless!


  5. Dena, so sorry to hear you've not been feeling/sleeping well. I prayed for you the moment I read this.

    I pray the HEALING TOUCH OF JESUS over your entire body, mind and spirit. I pray for peaceful sleep and for your body to agree with GOD's Word --- by His stripes you were healed!!!!

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper!
    Nothing my any means shall harm you!
    Lord, heal Dena and she shall be healed. Save her and she shall be saved for You dear Lord are our praise!!!!

    May the Comforter, the Holy Spirit saturate your body and minister to you even as you sleep in the NAME OF JESUS!! I give HIM all the praise!!! Amen and Amen!

    Love the photos!!! Your granddaughter is precious!

  6. Keeping you in my prayers. Hope you figure out what it is. I can see why the girls are after
    Jacob. Girls can be very pushy these days.

  7. Dear Dena...just stopped by, for the first time in a long time. Miss keeping in touch. Anyway..hope you are sleeping better now. I posted a pic of my little boy in his football uniform. Pancake Yates. lol His team is the Tigers too! Cool! I enjoyed your Pink blog post too--specially about your son who was "supposed" to be a girl. That happened to my mom--told she was going to have a small girl and had a big boy! he's younger than me, but taller than I am. Anyway...I miss ya...hope U R feeling better really soon! big hugs! :) OH! P.S. your little granddaughter is so cute. I'm glad she survived her first day of Preschool... and that squirrel! At our other house we had a squirrel who used to tap on the glass sliding back door on the deck just to let us know he was there and ready for a snack. LOL He'd plop up on the railing and take a "chill" or sunbathe too! He was very entertaining.


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