Friday, August 20, 2010

Happily PINK Saturday # 2 ~Here At Dream Doodlers Blog

Its exciting for me to be joining Beverly again at How Sweet The Sound !!!
Thanks for being a Great Hostess and linking with me and all the other wonderful ladies joining in the FUN :0)
Here goes~~~

This is a photo of an incoming Iowa Storm this Spring,,,
will it fit in for a hint of PINK everyone ???
I sooo LOVE to watch the skies as we travel,, to witness Gods Marvelous display
and His decor as we are driving along the highway...Its Glorious!!!
Its a Blessing that Kent loves to do the driving too. Or we'd be in some near accidents as I'm always trying to take pictures ;0)

This is a design I did for a new "Get Well" card that we have in the display racks in the stores now..Perhaps it should have been used as a "Birthday" design instead though,,, what do you think???
Its so hard to know what people will enjoy..

Here is a wee Lil angel that sits in our living room on a plant stand my Daddy made only a year before he died in 1984...I cherish it and it stands there in our front window unless the Christmas tree is there in December..

So that is it for this Beautiful PINK Saturday Sweet Friends,,,I sooo enjoy your notes and being part of this day,,making new friends along the way..
Gods Blessings on you and Big Hugggggggggggs too~~~Dena


  1. I love Pink skies too! And yes, this stunning photo qualifies for Pink Saturday! :) Glad to meet you!


  2. Thanks for sharing, I love the pink skies! Your other pinks as well. stop by my blog for a giveaway. hugz:)

  3. Lovely picture and cute card!

    What a lovely reminder from your Dad too!


  4. Pretty pink. Love the hummingbird!


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