Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Greetings On My First Rednesday !!!

Cherry World 1

I'm joining in the RED this Wednesday at Sue Loves Cherries Today!!!
Thanks for Hosting this fun day Sue,,,for sharing with all of us..

Sissi on her favorite chair ,,,when she gets the tiniest bit damp she runs and jumps onto it and just goes wacky!!! Its kind of hilarious ...

This is a photo of our front tree last Autumn,,,it is so Glorious how God Amazes us with His Awesome Decor everyday!!! I truly LOVE this time of year.
Soon God will be transforming the trees this way again for all our eyes to see.

Thanks for letting me share these pics with all of you and do stop by again ..
I am Blessed by the friendships God has given me from this wonderful blogging world,,,October will be mt year blogiversary and it has been a joy!!!

One of our 5x7 greeting cards~~~Angel Angie~~~ I was blessed to do this one for "Angels for Hope" an online special place that sends out cards and crocheted Angels to those with cancer.. Hope its OK that I mentioned them,,they have no idea that I was going to... It was simply a joy to create these cards and this little angel had a story about why God helped me create her.
I wonder if Cindy at AFH ever used them all last season ;0)

"Wishing you a very Red and Blessed day with Gods love brightening your way"!!!

Big Iowa Huggggggggs Dena


  1. Sissi's a little cutie and I'm looking forward to fall too!

  2. Hi Dena,
    I didn't realize that your blog anniversary was fast approaching. How amazing! Blogging is so much fun, even though I've been AWOL for a while, I'm trying to get back.
    Little Miss Sissi looks like a queen in her red chair. :o)
    Have a great Wednesday in Iowa.
    The Tattered Tassel

  3. Very cute. I love that red chair and the tree picture is fabulous with the sun poking through. BEautiful. I cannot wait for Fall...it is my favorite time of year.
    Super cute Angel too.

  4. Your little dog is so cute. Pretty fall photo too. Happy Reds!

  5. Glad you joined the other red day ladies. It may be your first Rednesday, but you did a very nice post for it. I love the little angel image.

  6. Your angel card is precious! Sissi too!

    Have a blessed day!

  7. Hi Dena,
    I love your little doggy :) Welcome to REDnesday - a truly great place to meet neat ladies and enjoy their goodies.

  8. Beautiful post! So colorful! Thanks for sharing! :o) Loved the little angel too. And well, Sissi, is just a cutie!

  9. Good job. Looks like a fun meme and your card is so cute. I am sure they don't mind you mentioning them.

  10. That Sissie is adorable, I just want to squeeze her! I am so ready to decorate for fall, too.


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