Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello My Sweet Friends,,I Have Another Question

This one is~~~Here goes~~~ after getting home from Church toady,,Kent and I had so much to do around the house, so I put in our music that we usuallty have with us on our travels. It brought about in me sooo much emotion and I sooo felt the Holy Spirit and sat here and began typing my heart out about ,,I guess it was my testimony.
Some of how I arrived at where I am in my walk with Christ and in Kent annd my marriage... My question for you then is.. Firstly,,its long and I have added some pics to it ,,but should I do it in parts???
Like part 1,, 2 and so on or just lay it all out???
Maybe it shouldn't even be on a post at all,, should it be on a different page of my blog??? Its kind of airing my dirty laundry so to speak and most importantly,, sharing my heart about Jesus Our Sweet Lord and Savior.
How life is empty without Him and decisions are made better with Him at the center
of all of them before they are made.

I Soooo LOVE You Girlfriends,,,AND I thank you for being my friends through all my questions..


  1. It is totally up to you if you want to share it and post it...but if you do I would do it in parts and then make sure in each post you link to the ones in case someone missed one of the parts so they can catch up.

  2. I would definately post it in maybe 4 parts, or at least 3. I think our testimonies are so important to help others who may be walking the same road!

  3. I'm so ready for fall too-Halloween's my favorite time! Some cooler weather too!

  4. Hi Dena,

    I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead you in what He would have you to do. I pray for you to hear and follow His leading for He loves you. He will lead you perfectly.

    You have my love and prayers.

  5. Hi Dena,
    I was looking at some of the older posts on Spiritual Sundays and saw your link there and clicked on it. I wonder - was that providential that I should end up here? I agree with Lisa and others. I hope you will choose to share with us again on Spiritual Sundays.

  6. Hi there,
    I've been a follower for awhile, but I don't get to visit as often as I'd like.

    In reference to your question; if I were you, I would make sure that your hubby is okay with anything you are thinkin' 'bout sharing, before moving forward with the idea of bloggin' 'bout it.

    I wrote a post, once, an' shared it with my good hubby-buddy. Imagine my surprise when he said that would be incredibly embarrassing if I posted it. He does not tell me what I can an' cannot write about, but I do respect him enough to try an' honor his feelings.

    Good luck in your decision.

    ~ Yaya

  7. Well I am sure that either way I would read it but I do love smaller posts because I read so many people.


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