Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Me To You,, Sharing Things That Are BLUE~~~

Another BLUE Monday over at Smiling Sally ~~~Stop by and join in on the FUN!!!

Here's an Awesome start to my BLUE Monday~~~ I'd been looking through images for my otther blog where I post pictures of Christ and writings to go along with them.
So when I found this naturally,,, I thought of BLUE Monday and Sweet Sally..

The other day my Beautiful daughter Jenny and her husband Brian arrived to pick up the grandkids,, Cassie and Griffin so when I asked if they'd take time for a quick pic for my blog,, well,, they immedately posed for Mom here.. Thanks my Sweet Lil Girl,, my only girl out of 5 boys ( one is with Jesus waiting for his mommy )..

And why not add one in of Super~Hubb's and I at one of the boys Football games,, see up there,, there is a bit of BLUE in the sky..
It seems to me they lost this game too....I believe God is traing them up for next year,, as this is only there first in High School.. It jsut breaks a Mom's heart to watch them get all beat up and dirty too, and then lose in the process..
And THANKS Mimz @ He& Me + 3 for your loving advice the other day..You're a GEM,,you helped my day sparkle!!!

Thanks to all of you for coming by soooo often...
Just a note~~~ I will be celebrating my Blogiversary in early October
and I'm taking suggestions for the giveaway since this is my first~~~HELP!!!

Prayerfully a dozen of our hand~designed greeting cards boxed,, will be sufficent,, some of them even have glitters ???????

There is also this beautiful image,, I'm not sure who the artist was that created it,, I soooo admire the artist though..
I found it on google and thought it was lovely,, the Lil poem too,, its fits from me to YOU Sweet Friends~~~Sisters in Christ..

Thanks for visiting today..

Hugs Dena
May God bless You along your way as you look to Him~~~Amen


  1. Beautiful blog and I love the BLUES! Hope you have a great Blue Monday!


  2. i like your entry on blue monday. very inspiring to me. glad to here. cheers!

  3. Great looking couples. love your blue photos Dena.

    My Blue Monday.

  4. I do like the diagonals in the first picture:-)

  5. Wonderful pictures!

    Love the last one too!

    Hope you stop by today and post some firect links to your items on your website. I am testing out a promo idea on my blog.



  6. Love all your blue renditions. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. Love the Jesus photo with the very blue sky.
    Thanks for posting the other pictures too, nice to see you and your family.

  8. Great photos!! Love the family one's the best :)

  9. You got some great shots. I loved seeing a picture of you and congrats to your son on the TD's. That is mix that with a little defense and a few more and they will be all set.
    Beautiful daughter too.
    You are sweet to mention me. Hang in there momma...the tide will turn.

  10. Hi Dena,

    Beautiful message and photos! You and Kent are a handsome couple and your daughter is beautiful! Looks like you! She and her husband are also a handsome couple!

    Blessings upon you and your family!

  11. hey!! im so sorry for the late visit :( Work schedules have been so crazy this past few weeks and up til now :( just droppin by tellin that I have not forgotten u :)

    amazing photos btw!


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