Friday, September 17, 2010

"PINK Saturday Happiness"

Hello Sweet Friends,,I'm joining Bev at her wonderful blog "How Sweet The Sound"
Stop by her beautiful blog and join in the fun with her!!!

This past Monday we have our grand kids after school,, in fact we are the school bus so to speak ;0)... Cassie was in PINK,, she usually is after all,, its her FaVoRiTe color and I told her,,stand right here for Grams so I can get your picture in your PINK shirt with the funny bird on it.. Of course ,,, she was HaPpY to...

Her she is again with her baby doll and its PINK blanket...

Now for my other ideas on this post guess I'm unsure.. It seems I write too much sometimes or that I just don't have the right things to take pics of for every ones enjoyment.. Most of you wonderful women in PINK blogland have soooo many pretty things to show all of us.. It is just great to stop iin at your posts !!!
I better be looking into acquiring more nic~nack for our home that are PINK and then there is Rednesday too,,plus BLUE Monday..
Wow,, blue is soo much easier to come up with.. Guess I'll drop some hints to my Super~Hubb's for more PINK and RED Pretties to decorate with ;0)

In the mean time Girlfriends,, here is another of our PINK roses for you to enjoy.
This was taken before the bugs started there ravenous
rampage on the leaves :0(
Super~Hubb's took care of those pesky things (the rose bugs) without a moment to spare..

Oh my goodness,, this funny Tater just happened to show himself as I was going thru our Disneyland pics from last summer,, hunting for all things PINK..
Can you see the Huge PINK ears??? This was the Toy Story ride at Disney's Adventure Park,, just across from Disneyland sort of.. Super~Hubb's and I soooo enjoyed the ride Toy Story,, and this Mr Potato head will talk to people as they wait in the LONG line for the ride.. Its funny!!!

Thanks Sweet Friends for visiting my post and leaving me your notes,,they are such a Blessing to my heart.. Huggggggggggggggggggg and LOVE~~~Dena
Enjoy your PINK SATURDAY and Have A Blessed Sunday in Him~~~
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...


  1. Your granddaughter is just beautiful. I love the rose too. Gorgeous. Your blog is cute too with the falling leaves. I hope that you are ready for fall. It seems to be in full swing around me.

  2. Adorable pictures of your granddaughter!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

    I am off to a fund raiser lunch for the Young Adults at church.


  3. Cassie is so pretty in pink! You are blessed.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hi Dena, your pinks are perfect. Your little grand girl is adorable in pink. Keep your roses coming because they are beautiful. Something is eating my rose leaves too. sigh!!! Mr. Potato Head and is pink ears is so funny. His lips are pink too.

    Happy Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Soooo cute! Just had to stop by in the midst of studying. LOL (had to take a mental brake---oh ha..I'm so tired I spelled "break" wrong...but hey, "had to STOP", BRAKE, get it? LOL Excuse the comes with the territory of too much studying of Anatomy and Physiology! Ugh! Hugs! OH COOL! There's some leaves falling! How cool is that!? At first I thought I was delusional from over-studying. LOL :D

  6. Oh She is so cute!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. She's so adorable! Happy belated Pink Saturday!

  8. Hi Dena! What wonderful pinks for Saturday.
    I also came by to invite you to come by a blog party I host for Etsy Cottage Style. Please stop by, check it out, do a post and link in!
    I hope you can join us for the fun!
    Brown Gingham Creations

  9. Hey Gal! I had a ditzy "senior moment". (as opposed t just a senior moment! I wrote you the following comment about my blog, about 2 or so hours ago, but I posted it on my comments! LOL! Anyway, Tonight's post has been up for a couple of hours now if you want to check out the poetry. I bought her CD, but don't know how to play it on the sidebar of my blog. Anyway, Cassie is adorable!

    LOL! I'm sorry You commented on last night's post. The poem is on tonight's post. That's why I said you probably looked at my blog while I was putting the finishing touches on tonight's post. It is titled Poetry-God's Gift-His Still Small voice.

    Sorry for the confusion. Love ya for putting up with me.

    God Bless!


  10. Pink is such a beautiful color. I love the flower, it's so vibrant. Your blog is always so inspirational. It's a delight to visit.

    Love you much, and have a great weekend.


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